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First of all I am running Win 7.

I was attempting to delete some files with the filename "irunin" .exe, and two others.

While attempting to delete through cmd.exe I was advised to stop the explorer.exe process. In doing so, many of my icons were lost (including several GB worth of videos.)

The files still would not delete, and I noticed my homepage was changed as well.

I determined a virus was the culprit and did a system restore from a point two days ago when everything was fine.

The desktop items are still gone, and I've fond no way to reclaim them, even though they have been on my computer for months.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello and welcome, ARRGH9: :)

First of all, don't run any sort of temporary file cleaner until you get expert help; otherwise, you may not be able to recover your files/folders.

There is a tutorial for the use of a specialized tool here: Use unhide.exe to Reveal Files and Folders Hidden by Rogue Infections:

For guided, expert help with cleaning your system, please follow the recommendations in this sticky topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers



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Nope, no dice...

I've run several virus/'malware scans... nothing detected anywhere.

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Glad to hear your scans are clean. :)

Nonetheless, repairing damage from infections is not something that's handled in this section of the forum (which is reserved for problems installing/running MBAM).

If you would like expert help with this -- which will likely require specialized expertise and tools -- please select from one of the three options outlined in the sticky topic in my earlier reply.

Once you are given the "all clear" from your helper as far as malware remnants/damage, he/she may refer you elsewhere, e.g. to the PC Help section of the forum, for additional assistance, if needed.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


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