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My own web site excluded


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Hello , i am webmaster of the web site http://www.poémienne.fr , il is for my sister who put into her poetries, songs ...

I certify you this web site is not dangerous , but MBAM forbids the access ( potentially dangerous site)

For me it is not a problem , i know how to authorize MBAM to open the site , but i am afraid the other internet user who have MBAM cannot have an access to this new site .

The problem come since the last update of malwarebyte .About 15/01/2013

The ip adress

Thank you for your answer .

Best regards .

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Hello , i went to the other web site which have the same adresse on ovh :http://www.about-domain.net/ip.php?ip= ; near 45000 blocked sites !

You can visit this web sites, they are all blocked by mbam !!

MBAM have to find a solution ; because it is a very bad publicity for it !

Personaly (if no change) ,I shall ask to be paid off, and I shall have to tell around me not to install this software , and uninstall it if it is installed .

Then it has been one week since I try to correct the script of my index page !

It's unfortunate because it is a good software ..

Please i thing MBAM just have to work like it worked in dec .2012 ..

Best regards .

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