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Malwarebytes EE "Enterprise Edition" nightmare

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I know this forum is not really for business versions but since the business support and development team doesn't seem to care or understand, I'm posting here the hassle I have with deploying the EE version to share the trouble I have and maybe get tips to do it better.

I have been waiting for the Enterprise Edition for year and it has been out now for a year I believe. But looking at the product it is very limited and really friendly to distribute in enterprise business. It has improvements and additional features compared to the Corporate version (central console to check/update MBAM databases at clients, policies and reporting).

But when it comes to deploy the clients it really is not enterprise ready:

- the built-in feature to deploy clients works only for clients in the LAN and when they are turned on

- you could use GPO with the msi file (cielnt package you can create) but that still doesn't update remote computers

- according to support and what I have noticed during deployment of the EE client version, you need to uninstall any previous Malwarebytes version to properly install the EE version

- the mbam engine is outdated compared to corporate and PRO version, right now MBAM.exe is still version 1.62

- to find the currently installed version you have to look in the registry because all files are outdated and the managed client has a different version

- when you open the GUI it shows version 1.65.1 even though mbam.exe is still version 1.62 and mbamgui.exe is version 1.65.0 (both files are from Sep 29th 2012)

- to uninstall MBAM properly via command line you have to run the cleanup utility which run silently automatically reboots the computer

Not sure how other companies do their deployment of applications but most laptops we have are never or seldom connected to any office networks thus wouldn't get any deployment when using the EE built-in feature or GPO's.

Long ago we deployed Lumension as application to deploy applications and keep non-M$ applications up to date.

With Lumension you can create your own deployment package that can be deployed to any computer that has a Internet connection. To check if the package is already installe dyou can check for file versions, or registry keys or just the existence of files and keys.

But with all the issues mentioned above it is difficult at best to properly deploy the EE version to clients especially since we had MBAM PRO/Corporate installed before EE was released.



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Enrico, I want to personally reach out and thank you for your business.

I am bringing this up both to our product manager and all of our developers. This is exactly the type of feedback we love seeing.

If you'd like, you can private message me your support ticket number and I'll look at what happened there as well.

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