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SuMo.exe possible false positive?


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It's not the site itself that is the issue, it's the IP. This is one of 4-5 IPs blocked on the /24, due to over 600 cases. Yet another email was sent to OVH (previously, there were only 2 IPs at issue) yesterday, but there's been no reply so far.

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This is a FALSE POSITIVE issue. SUMo is simply contacting its server in order to check updates as requested by end users.

Please fix since i have to disable MBAM to be able to use SUMo (launched at least once a day on all my PCs.....)

They even made effort to properly detect MBAM updates.... what a shame if you block them !


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You can also click on the ballon alert and add to ignore list if necessary for the time being.

That works in Windows 7 for me - but it won't let me right click on the balloon using Windows 8 - is there another workaround so I can put the site in the Ignore list?

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As I've mentioned, I'm more than willing to accept assistance in reaching OVH to get the issues resolved.

As far as the block still being present even after uninstalling MBAM, please check the uninstallation occured properly and the system has been restarted. You can contact the helpdesk if the issue persists.

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I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know, Bilel from OVH responded whilst I was out this afternoon, just got back and finished going through the cases causing the block. OVH have now suspended the vast majority of sites affected with only a handful still remaining live.

As there's now only a handful still live, the block will be removed on the next update.

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