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Does MB interfere with other programs such as McAfee? Should you only use one or the other. Second, how efficient is MS security suite compared to other Anti-virus programs?

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Hello and welcome, TankerJoe12: :)

No, MBAM does not interfere with antivirus (AV) programs, such as McAfee.

To the contrary, MBAM is specifically designed and tested to run alongside all of the major, popular AV programs, to provide layered protection against the sorts of threats that are often missed by the AVs.

One's primary computer protection software should always be a robust, up-to-date, real-time AV.

The protection of MBAM PRO provides additional, complementary protection.

This is further explained in the following sticky topics:

Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?

Is the IP blocker in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO a firewall?

Some users find it helpful to set mutual exclusions between MBAM PRO and their AV.

Instructions for doing so with some of the popular AVs are listed in the FAQ section; or feel free to ask, and someone will be happy to help with that.

As far as your second question, if you are referring to MS Security Essentials, it is one of several, popular free AV products.

There are many such AVs, both free and paid.

A few of them are listed in this sticky topic by one of our forum moderators: Free Antivirus Recommendations and a search of this and other forums and websites will reveal many, similar posts and comparisons.

The "best" option for a particular computer and computer user depends on many factors.



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