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Every once in a while I get a little pop-up from Malwarebytes that a website, and it gives the IP address, has been blocked from access. This occurs even when the laptop is idle and I am not surfing. Does this mean someone is trying to access my laptop. The popup goes away so fast I can't copy it or write the message down. I am concerned that I have open ports that need to be closed but I don't know how to find out which ports on my laptop may be open and at risk.

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Hello and welcome, ExcelsiorPC: :)

IP blocks can indicate a number of things:

  • They could indicate that MBAM is doing its job of blocking bad content on websites.

  • In some cases the blocks are a false positive.

  • However, they can also be a sign of infection, especially if the blocks are outgoing and they occur when no browsers are open.

--> There is more information about the IP blocking module in the FAQ - Section G (and in the Helpdesk topics HERE and HERE). They also contain instructions on how to determine what process might be trying to make the connections. You may also research the IP in question at www.ip-lookup.net or a similar site.

On the other hand, if you think the IP blocks might be a false positive, then please read this sticky topic before starting a new topic in the False Positives forum.

Alternatively, if you think you might be infected, based on the IP blocks and/or other suspicious computer behavior, then please select from the assistance options in this sticky topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers A qualified malware expert will help you to scan your computer for infections and to remove the malware.

Thanks! daledoc1

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