Malwarebytes crashes and computer becomes unresponsive during quick scan.

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I have had a Backdoor Tidserv!inf on my computer. My anti-virus Norton Internet Security was unable to remove it so after trying a couple of related Norton extensions such as Power-Eraser and the Tidserv removal tool I downloaded Malwarebytes. After performing a quick scan and detecting a number of threats such trojans, etc. Malwarebytes successfully removed them and prompted me to restart my PC. After restarting I ran another quick scan however this time it crashed. I attempted 3 or 4 more quick scans since then but every time Malwarebytes crashes and my computer becomes unresponsive. Any help would be appreciated because this is really beginning to bug me.

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Hello and welcome: :)

It sounds as if you are infected and may have traces of malware and/or system damage from the infection.

We can't work on malware diagnostics and removal in this sub-section of the forum.

So, for expert help, please follow the recommendations in this sticky topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

The malware helpers will assist you with cleaning your system and repairing the damage.



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