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New hard drive problem?

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I just installed a new slave drive in my sisters computer its a 250gb but it is only reading 167gb I've reformatted it and it still only reads 167 any ideas why? Also I installed a new monitor and it works fine accept when I run FireFox the bottom task bar is 2" I cant figure out how to get it normal again

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Hello sparky4601,

What kind of hard drive did you install. Most hard drives you buy now can install and format the drive for you with the utility that comes with it. I would suggest using the utility and that will clear up the 167gb problem.

I'm not sure I understand your second question.

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It was a WDC i cant remember the the exact name i just remember the initials. I had problems installing it. I couldn't get it to show up in my computer i finally fixed that problem and that's when it showed less GB can you explain utility I'm not understanding what your telling me to do

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Your hard drive is a Western Digital. Be sure you register your hard drive here for the full benefits of your purchase. You will have to create an account. If you look on the back of the hard drive you will see a serial number and model number to register in the link above.

If you hard drive didn't come with a CD with Data Lifeguard Tools you can go here and select the kind of hard drive you have and download the Data Lifeguard Tools that will do everything for you. Install the program first, then run it after installing. It will then recognize your hard drive and also prompt you to format. It will also ask you if you want to format the drive over 137gb. You will choose yes on that option.

Post back if you still need help. BYW, nice purchase on WD. I have 2 of them. :)

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To: Rubber Ducky

I already partitioned it yesterday and it still only read 167gb instead of 250 it is a new hd so it doesnt have anything on it. any other ideas i have also uninstalled it and reinstalled it 2 x and unplugged it and reinstalled it 2x also i tried reformatting it quick and full Ive used these hd on several computers before and never had a single problem untill now

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Hi sparky4601

"... Also I installed a new monitor and it works fine except when I run FireFox the bottom task bar is 2" I cant figure out how to get it normal again ... "

Try this procedure , I use to have it handy in the Bookmarks :


or check this index for a similar issue :


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Hello sparky4601,

Be sure that you follow the directions posted here.

I tried the program and it said that the version of windows she is using will only hold 137gb go figure

If you continue to follow all prompts the Data Lifeguard Tools will allow the computer to be formated over 137gb to the size of your slave "storage drive". I believe that you are misunderstanding what the program is telling you.. Be sure that you install the Data Lifeguard Tools program on the primary hard drive and not the slave drive. You will find the directions on How do I use the Data Lifeguard Tools 11 CD to partition and format a drive larger than 137GB (128GB binary) for Windows 2000/XP. You will find all common questions FAQ / Knowledge Base about the new hard drive here

I suggest you format the primary hard drive with the Windows XP cd since . Install AV program and Firewall. Don't use Windows firewall and then get all of your MS updates. Then install Data Lifeguard Tools on the primary drive.

Note that Data Lifeguard Tools has its own backup program too so you can backup your primary drive.

Below is a list of free firewalls.


Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall

Comodo Personal Firewall

Please post back if you have any other questions.

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