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When going to check on the DCOM issue with my Component Services Admin Tool I received a Windows Security Alert that

Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program, specifically has blocked this program from accepting

connections from the Internet or a network. I have not yet proceeded with any action on this.

I did go into MMC to see about the problem and received a message "RSoP data is invalid. Likely causes are, data is corrupt,

data has been deleted or data has never been created. This message has not appeared before when going into MMC. The detail

message says "Invalid namespace". Some strange things going on.

Do I understand the MiniToolBox report correctly, that there are two IP configurations? I want to make note that I had

renamed my IUSR AND IWAN accounts recently.

Now I can see why I could not see my Fixit scans in my Fixit Online account. It looks like they didn't get sent (MATS). There

is something amiss in the DCOM.

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This instance is only similar by the fact that I got the same message from my computer. I saw nothing similar in subsequent threads on that site relative to my symptoms.

I have not been trying to get any gaming started, or connecting new hardware. Remember, I had been working in the MMC without issue very recently, I had set my RSoP and everything was fine and I was running an analysis of these. What I cant figure out is why these MMC, RSoP issues have only arisen today.

I am novice, but did the MiniToolbox report cause you any concerns or were the results to be expected by the way that program operates?

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Hey preconmanager,

The results from MiniToolbox didn't concern me. You mentioned you had recently configured some internet settings so that could explain the configurations the toolbox showed.

I am not familiar with MMC, and because the RSoP is new, I thought that article might have a solution. It didn't help?

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Good evening preconmanager. :)

My apologies for the slight delay.

I have been looking at the logs from the very beginning. I am going through them again but in the meantime I would like to try the below please.

Please uninstall Firefox. I would like you to completely uninstall it, profiles, settings and all. Then reinstall your computer. In Firefox, see if the graphics issues persists. :)

PS: Oh I should say, if you have any settings or profiles you wish to keep, please save them in a folder on your Desktop. You can restore them later, I would just like to see how a clean Firefox runs.

PSS: What is this file: C:\Program Files\0126201219462482.bat?

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No need for apologies....really glad you're here.

It was very difficult uninstalling Firefox, but it has been deleted and reloaded. I still have the effects. Now IE8 wants to install an upgraded version which I already have.

The file you question is an MS-DOS File created in January 2012. Not quite sure what it does. There are two of these type files sitting in the Program Files tree and are not up in the subfolders. The other file was created 11/2011.

I question also the other files (create date) in that location should be in their respective sub folders, IE8-WindowsXP-X86-ENU (4/2011)(No File Logo)(self-extracting cabinet file), iTunesSetup (11/2011)(Box File Logo)(iTunes Installer File),

FileFormatConverters (4/2011)(Software Logo)(same description as file name)(says it is from Microsoft)(version 12.0.6500.5000), and a aa_demo_setup (4/2011)(setup file). I question again why they are in this location.

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Hey preconmanager,

Well you may delete the iTunes setup file etc.

OK next I would like to see a test of your graphics. Please see the below about the DirectX Tool for Windows:


Give that a run, and let me know if it identifies any issues with your graphics driver.

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I hate to double post....

I have been reading about DOS Attacks since you enquired about the DOS File on my computer. I could not find those DOS files in any search engines, and in fact the search came back

to this blog site. I deleted all of the items in those Program Files EXCEPT the DOS Files. All files deleted OK without messages popping up so they were either dead or were not

part of the original programming.

I went to the official IE8 download center and reloaded IE8 on my computer, but an interesting thing happened during reinstall. The DOS command box opened and cmd started very

briefly. Upon reinstall I went to the Program Files and iTunes had been reinstalled in that location. I think we have a DOS Attack (no paranoia).

I ran an MSE scan on the DOS files and came back clean,I could not run MBAM on it, I have the free version. I uploaded the latest iTunes 11 which deleted my old edition 10.7 and rebooted.

The iTunes file is no longer in the Program Files standing alone. The DOS files are still there. If the DOS Files have been creating this problem, I will report it, so I have kept them.

After doing all this, I currently have no issues in my monitor, although I do see some flickering so it may not be totally fixed. I tried going to to an Anti-Malware site (AVG) and even

got to the download button without the monitor blanking it out so this is a good sign.

Good call TDK! I think you're onto something.....

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I copied the two DOS files to desktop and renamed them (added text to the end). I deleted the files from the C: program files and rebooted. They were gone. No issues came about. I ran MBAM afterwards and the scan took 4 hours 10 minutes with no malicious items found. I think MBAM hasnt seen these files in awhile.

After the scan completed, my computer is locked up (I am on a friends computer) and I have a heavy file running in the background which I believe in MSE (MsMpEng). I think it kicked in after so many files were scanned. My MSE isn't scheduled to run until AM.

This lengthy scan did give me the opportunity to watch, what I think is the best Batman film, and that was the one from 1989 with Keaton, Nicholson and Basinger....

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Hey preconmanager,

OK let me know if MSE finds anything. How does the computer seem to be running?

Out of the old films that one is certainly very good. But I am personally a fan of the latest three. :P

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I have installed Avast. Yes the monitor did play up when Avast was installed. It wasn't difficult seeing the download button, but once selecting it for download, the monitor went nuts. I have finally succeeded in getting it setup though and Avast is running full scan this morning. MSE is removed.

I copied those DOS files to CD and removed them from the computer to see if this might help my situation. Things are a bit shaky, but lets see what Avast comes up with now that the DOS files are gone. Do I understand correctly that if the virus were to be crippled by the missing DOS (should these be the culprits) that anti-malware might pick up the remnants?

I tried to run Chkdsk last night to see if corrupted files may be creating my problem, I set it to repair....and then I got the half blue screen with the Microsoft logo, the rest of the screen went black. It ran quite awhile, but I did not get the results.

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Hello preconmanager,

Hard to say. The tools/avs should be picking up something by now.

Please run a full scan with avast! and let me know if it finds anything.


Please also run the System File Checker:

Go to Start>Programs>Command Prompt and type in the following:

sfc /scannow

After running the System File Checker, please try the Check Disc again. Did that work?

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Avast can run a scan post boot, and it is running now (I think) I have the same screen I described in Chkdsk (black and blue). I just hope it is not the screen that warns of harm to the computer. But it should have stopped the HD by now. I thought I would let it run its course.

I have run scannow previously and it asks for the Windows CD. So yes, there are some files corrupted or missing.

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Avast found no malware in the offline startup. The computer is acting alot better. And Avast is parked in my IE and Firefox. I like this AVS. Of all the programs we have run, which one would you trust to try and fix the corruption, or do you have further suggestion (besides the Windows XP CD I dont have).

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Hello preconmanager,

I use avast! on all my computers and find it to not only be really effective but it is also light on my resources and is in my browsers so I don't visit nasty websites.

Glad to hear things have picked up.

As for your Windows issues, please try this tool:

Please download Windows Repair (all in one) from here.

  • Install the program.
  • Please proceed to run it.
  • Go to Step 2 and allow it to run CheckDisk by clicking on the Do It button:
  • Once that is done please go to Step 3 and allow it to run the System File Check by clicking on the Do It button:
  • Go to Step 4 and under System Restore click on the Create button:
  • Next, go to the Start Repairs tab and click the Start button.
  • Please ensure that ONLY items seen in the image below are ticked as indicated (they're all checked by default):
  • Click on the box next to the Restart System when Finished. Then click on Start.

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Well that was an interesting exercise....I am not sure what to make of the log files in Registry, a few were skipped from repair because of wildcards. I had Avast running (forgot to shut it down) so you're probably aware of those errors. And I am not sure about what I am seeing in the Windows logs file, as I am not sure if the WMI, Firewall and CatRoot2 got repaired. And there are a few issues (I guess) with Drivers.

I could not get Step 3 to complete without a CD. Maybe I will try sfc /scannow.

I am seeing some fluttering in the graphics, and I think I am going to either update or carefully reinstall my Media Center Edition update files (over the top). I have been reading up on that today. I went into Media Center earlier today and the monitor wouldn't let me see what was going on in the menu.

I updated my wireless adapter through Windows Update and when rebooting I have to remove/replace it to get into the Internet. I lose my wireless account. I tried repair the connection with windows and it didn't work.

I watched the repair sequences, there were quite a few changed, unknown and deleted files that this program repaired/replaced, it's a wonder this computer was working at all at start up. The Windows Start Up folder was the most affected.

Should I run Avast at this point? It is due to run in the AM by schedule

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