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Any Known Security Conflicts?


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First I'd like to say Thank You to malwarebytes for participating in the CastleCops contest. I was lucky enough to win a license for your interesting product. I have it installed and all seems to be well. I was wondering if there are any known conflicts with any other security softwares? I currently have KIS 6.0, AVG AS premium, WinPatrol Plus, and RogueRemoverPro running in real time, just to see how they "play together." OK so far.

Also I am curious about the new host file entries. The format seems slightly different from what I am used to with the MVPS Host file. RogueRemoverPro's entries seem to be directed to What affect does that have compared to the normal ?

Thanks again for this wonderful program. I'm sure I will have many questions as time goes by.

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Hey Paul,

RogueRemover and RogueRemover PRO have no security conflicts with any of the applications. The is much quicker than as it does not try to redirect to the null address.

Congrats on winning the contest!

Thanks, RubbeR DuckY! I didn't think there would be any conflicts, but just wanted to be sure. I'll still need to manage my resource usage, I guess. I'm currently using my AOL software instead of my MSN software, and I find that RogueRemoverPro is a bit too aggressive about wanting updates. LOL OR- perhaps I should say that the AOL dialer is a bit too sensitive. I had to disable autoupdates to keep the dialer from popping up. LOL I have serious doubts about using some of the software I won at CastleCops, because of conflicts. I know that RogueRemoverPro is a "keeper" though, and it's running perfectly so far. I'm looking forward to learning more and to participating in this forum. Thanks again!

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:) I think I spoke too soon when I said that RogueRemoverPro was working "perfectly." I saw that there was an update to database 113 yesterday, but my program would NOT update. Finally, after an uninstall/reinstall, it did update, but the updater seemed buggy and froze for a couple of minutes. I don't think it was my firewall, because I had KIS FW on low security and had put RogueRemover into the KIS trusted zone.

I think something must have been going on with drivers, becuase after the buggy update, I also had trouble rebooting my PC. I could click Start>turn off computer>restart but nothing would happen. Finally I was able to click log off and then "shut down."

I uninstalled RogueRemover until I have a chance to investigate those problems. I see today there is a new version of the installer. Will it fix some of the updater problems?

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The new installer is for the free version only. The problem you are having is dial-up. The database takes a while to update and create a connection. Allow the updater 4-5 minutes before the progress bar to procede.

Let me know how it goes.

Hmm? Could be a dial up problem. I have a similar slowness with Foxit Reader updates. However, when I just let the RogueRemover updater just sit there, the progress bar never showed any progress. That whole area of the Interface kinda just blurred out.

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