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This program by LG was invadvertently added to my Start menu. I can disable it using MSCONFIG, but I can not eliminate it. It's not in my list of programs. How do I totally get rid of it out of START and/or anywhere else.

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Hi and welcome, umbrella:

This particular section of the forum doesn't get much traffic, since it's dedicated to a software product (Startup Lite) that AFAIK isn't being actively developed.

So, until someone more expert comes along, this .EXE appears to be a Verizon file on LG phones, etc.

I'm not qualified or authorized to advise you as to whether the particular file could be infected.

Here are a couple of links from a routine Google search to get you started:



You might also check with Verizon (and/or LG)?

Just a thought,


PS A mod may need to move this topic to the PC Help section.

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