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DDR ram or SDRAM memory?

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I will take a look at this when we get back form Christmas lucnh/dinner at a relaatives house. I don't seem to be able to unzip the memtest86.. Not that there is anything rwong with it, it's me I am sure. I'm over complicating it in my mind. I have wasted several CDs trying to figure it out. All the instructions use terms I am not famaliar with.

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Well I downloaded 7zip and I am no closer to understanding opening Zipped files. I need to be spoon fed how to do this. I tried the extract feature in winzip and i seem to get more 2 more zipped files along with 4 or 5 Unzipped files, so am I supposed to unzip those 2 zipped files yet too? Then which of this multitude of files am I suppose to transfer to my CD burner? I do need to "burn" the CD right? Not just make a copy?

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hope your holiday went well ... shortly after i last responded i had to take my gf to the emergency room ... nothing super serious .

dinner was good ... once again i ate too much !

something just aint right here ...

can you post a link to where you got the zipped memtest file from ?

i will look for an alternate source for memtest .

also , i will try to find concise instructions for unzipping and burning an .iso file .

edit :

you might have gringo take a look at this thread ... i don't want to run afoul of his malware removal processes .

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ok ... lacking a decent video tutorial ...

go here and download the file to your desktop (you'll have to tell it to "save" and where) : http://www.memtest.o...6+-4.10.iso.zip

you will see a folder on the desktop with a zipper on it , labeled something like "memtest86+-4.10.iso.zip"

how to use 7zip :

right click on the memtest .zip folder that you just created ... a drop down menu will appear ...

put the pointer on "7zip" , another menu will appear , select : "extract to memtest86+-4.10.iso"

this will create a new folder on the desktop labeled with the memtest title .

this is where the .iso file resides .

burning a bootable image cd with infrarecorder :

insert a disk into the drive

open infrarecorder (there will be several option icons)

select "write image"

at this point , one of two things will happen ... depending whether or not you've "been here before" ... so you may not have to do all the navigation outlined below , pretty much self-explanatory once you see it .

on the newly opened window there will be a list of folders on the left-hand side ... use this "tree" to navigate to the "desktop"

click on "desktop" and a new small window will open ...

find the folder that was created when the zipped folder was unzipped and double click on it

you should now be "inside" the memtest folder and the .iso file will be listed (woo hoo !)

click on the .iso file and then click on "open" (in the lower right corner of that little window)

a "burn (title of iso here) ..." window for infrarecorder will open (with the "general" tab shown)

at this point :

make sure the correct disk burning device is presented (you wouldn't believe the typo in this line i just corrected ! proof reading is a good thing)

write speed : the slowest listed (cheap insurance)

write method : SAO

copies : 1

of/in the list of five items just below the number of copies select all except for "simulation"

(it will be a vertical version of : "XOXXX")

click on the "advanced" tab ... nothing is (to be) checked .

we're just about ready to hit the go button ... click on "ok" .

sip some coffee while the .iso is being burnt to the disk .

the disk will be ejected when it is finished .

there are several tutorials about how to run memtest and so-forth .

make sure that you tell the comp to boot from the cd/dvd player .

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Success! I finally unzipped a file! I had been making it too complicated I guess. Very confusing, and had you not given me explicit directions I don't think I would have ever figured it out. I have memtest running right now on my laptop. It is going through it's 2nd complete run and it got a pass on the first run. From what i read before about memtest, it said to run multiple times, depending on what you are expecting your RAM to do for you. ie:gaming, or what not. When I get through with mine I will run it on this desktop. Norton(GAG) says this one is running on half, but I have found Norton is full of stuff. I don't know if I mentioned it before but Norton missed 310 threats on here. I called them and they said Norton has a different threat level than Malware bytes does? Well I guess so, that way you eventually get infected and you pay Norton more money to let one of there tech's to do a remote and remove what you already paid Norton to protest you from. At least that is what I think.

I have several other issues you might be able to help me with. The first one being this. If I just right click on let's say Combo-Fix that is in my download folder and select delete, Am I actually removing all of Combo-Fix? Or, am I just removing some of the total files and such that Combo-fix put on my computer?

The reason I ask is I was told in another thread to put this in the run box : c:\documents and settings\Curtis Lumpkin\My Documents\Downloads\ComboFix.exe /uninstal

But when I do that, a box pops up that says it can't be found? I know Combo-Fix is on the computer because I ran it, so why can I not find it? I even used the search and searched everywhere including hidden files and folders. Not to mention the Combo_Fix that is in downloads.

The reason I am so concerned about this is I have an issue with my hard drive. I am down to 3% free space so I can't defrag, plus, obviously, if I don't do something soon I won't have a computer. I'm sure it will blow a gasket. LOL

I have all the tools still on my computer that was used to do the repairs that I have done here. I don't think that will be enough, but it will be start. I don't really have that much information saved on this computer. I have maybe a 100 songs, maybe 200 pictures, and 50 small documents, so I wonder where all my space has gone. Not sure right now, but I think it has 40 Gigs of hard space. (I will check that later to be sure).

Just to be clear, I am talking about my lap top, not the computer I started this thread about. my computer is a Compac Presario V5,000.

So I guess to sum up what I need to know, how can I remove as much as I can to get my free space to at least 15 % so I can defrag? Once again, I want to tell you how much of relief it is to finally have unzipped a friggin Zip file! Thanks to you I got er done. lol You have been a big help. I wish I knew what you know.

Thank you very much for your guidance and counsel.

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thanks for the accolades ... now i'm gonna have to grease the sides of my head to get through the doorway . :lol:

however , i know but very little ... the more i learn the more i find i don't know ... that's the way life is .

there are others here that know much more than myself .

normally , it is not good policy to mix different comps with problems in a thread ... "one disaster at a time" .

however ... as it takes a long time to run memtest ... might as well chop kindling while the coffee is brewing .

i will take it that you have been warned previously (but erring on the side of caution) :

DO NOT run combo fix willy-nilly ... you can wind up with a doorstop . (yessir , he done engineered it right off the air)

as for : "The reason I ask is I was told in another thread to put this in the run box" ... if it was gringo or one of the other experts here , no problem ...

if it was from elsewhere ... weeeelll ... it is better to be safe than sorry .

as i understand the rules of this forum , it would be bad policy on my part to "cross the line" .

maybe one of the (qualified) others here can jump in and explain about "removal" of combo fix and post some suggestions about the "full drive" problem .

referencing the full drive ... i have seen erroneous reports of how full a drive is .

also , normal convention is to "split" or "partition" a big drive into smaller chunks ... these can be used for *whatever* .

as an example (only) you can have your "C" drive (the big boy) split into three chunks or rooms ...

think : house = C drive / kitchen = backup and files (E drive) / bathroom = windows recovery and os stash (F drive) .

there are permutations to the labels but you get the idea .

in some cases a drive may be "hidden" from normal view .

i will add more to this later ... company .

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It is the same for me. The more questions I ask the more I have. You know the saying: Curiosity killed the cat? Well I disagree, Curiosity made the cat wiser I say.

I ran memtest for over 2 hours and the computer was already warmed up already I got 8 passes out of it, and while I don't know all of what it said on the screen. It loks like I am running at the original 512 MB.

Your right about Combo-Fix, and that is another reason for getting it off my computer. No it wasn't Gringo, but I think the fella got a little aggravated with me and my lack of computer knowledge, and he wanted me to copy and paste that line in Windows run, and I did, but after I wasn't successful he said to just delete it in the regular way. I just want to make sure I get it all.

I got that 3% # from trying to run a defrag. I don't know how accurate it really is, but i don't need a door stop right now. I really need this computer to continue on into old age till i get some work and can get me a newer model.

My hard drive is split, I have a C: and a D: drive. Now i don't know what the D: has in it though.

Maybe I will start a new thread asking about the hard drive issue.

By the way you need me to send you some lubricant? I don't want you to chafe that big head of yours. :blink:

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no need to start a new thread at this point (yet) .

as long as you deleted combofix in the "usual way" , there should be no problems ... it may be stashed in your "downloads folder" , you can check there .

there are some ways to check how much space is used in the drives and partitions ...

the easiest way is to click on "my computer" / right click on the drive/partition you want to look at and click on "properties" .

it may be that the backup/recovery/restore partition is full and this is what you are actually seeing in the defrag program ...

about defrag programs ... the windows flavor is not the greatest ... i use "defraggler" , it is made by piriform (of ccleaner fame) .

get it here : http://www.piriform.com/defraggler/download ... select the "free version" download from piriform .

see if you can navigate and figure out how to use it . ;)

this will help in determining the truth of what is actually going on .

about antivirus programs ... the "what's best" question comes up quite a bit .

it has been decided that this topic is not to be discussed in the forums and a sticky topic about AVs has been posted elsewhere .

as a personal comment only and not intending to hawk one product over another , i use ESET internet security .

others here use other programs ... so there is no untoward bias .

meanwhile , back at your parents comp ...

it looks like memtest is showing a clean bill ... at least for now .

yeah , 512 megs is more than on the shy side to run XP along with an AV and other sundry programs that run anytime the comp is booted up (aka : background) .

the horse aint big enough to pull the wagon .

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That is exactly what I am concerned about. it is in downloads, but I don't know where the copy is hat I "ran". So if I delete the one in download, is there not a copy of Combo-Fix that I did use?

I'm sure that the 1.2 Gig # (freespace) is in the C: drive, not the D:. Pretty confident about that. I will look again though and be sure.

This what the memtest said after 2 hours running (8 passes). I ran it for 2 hours and 8 passes on my laptop too. several #s were very diferent (higher) on my laptop.

I noticed too, what you had said about them being overrated in the specs well the specs say 400MHz but the memtest shows 333MHz:

Athlon 64 (0.09) 2180 MHz

L1 Cache: 64K 17100 MB/s

L2 Cache: 512K 4275 MB/s

L3 Cache None

Memory : 447M 1811 MB/s

Chipset : Amd K8 IMC (ECC : Disabled)

Settings : RAM : 199 MHz (DDR 398) / CAS : 3-3-3-8 / DDR1 (128)

Walltime Cached RsvdMem MemMap Cache ECC Test Pass Errors ECC Errs

*(running) 447M 12K e820 on off Std *(2)

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as we are talking about your laptop at this point in time , this is in reference to only your laptop .

the problems that gringo is helping you with are an "outside issue" .

simply put , sometimes there is stuff buried in those files that provides a track of what has happened ...

sometimes those damnable malware programs and viruses actually hide the stuff they have "stolen" in these folders and files)

again , do not do anything to the machine that gringo is helping you with unless instructed by him to do so .

the "over rate" i mentioned is the error that some programs have in reporting the amount of disk space actually used .

sort of like "cookin' the books" or "creative accountancy" .

i vaguely recall a problem along these lines that has happened in the past .

another problem or situation can happen ... the machine is chock full of junk files .

i worked on a machine that was about six years old and the temporary , downloaded , internet cache (etc) files/folders had never been cleared out !

as for the seeming discrepancies of the memtest results ...

first ... AMD CPUs do things a little bit different than intel CPUs ... this can account for a slight difference in reported buss speeds .

second ... the amount of ram reported can vary ... in many machines some of the ram is "given" to the video/graphics processing to work with (think : welfare checks) .

third ... if you look at the speeds of ddr(1) ram available you will find 333 and 400 .

the third one is of interest ... this may have been an "option" available ... under the guise of "hey , ya wanna speed that machine up ... ?" .

in relation to clearing out the junk ... there is a sticky thread located in these forums/topics that can help along these lines (why re-invent the wheel) .

link : http://forums.malwar...showtopic=81990

i use ccleaner to "flush out" the junk on a regular basis . it is easy enough to use , but (there's that pesky word again) , do not use the registry cleaner side of the program . you can get ccleaner here : http://www.piriform....leaner/download

again , get the free version from piriform and de-select any toolbar or other such stuff that may be present .

the registry is not a place for the neophyte to be in ... come to think of it , i treat it like an outhouse ... i only go there when i reeeallly need to and there is no other option . :lol:;)

(i find that graphic visualizations help me to remember)

NTREGOPT is a safe program to use for rooting around in the registry ... it is thorough and you can recover should something go awry .

perform the steps in the order presented on the page i linked to .

once the junk has been cleared out this will make it easier to see what is going on .

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I have probably been guided through those steps already. this topic has been closed. Like you said though. No need to reinvent the wheel. Maurice was quite thorough I believe. I have been using Ccleaner for quite a while and using the registry cleaner but I will refrain from that from now on. you are not the first here in this forum to tell me about the registry clean up.

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good enough ...

yep ... go through the machine , get things cleared out and we can go from there .

looks like i'll have some time ... two of the three packages coming from newegg will be delivered late today . <_<

i'll look up the specs of your laptop .

there may be *something* about an error in reported disk space used .

how old is the machine ?

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