PUM.UserWLoad and Trojan.Ransom keep coming back

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OK, uninstalled ComboFix (had to use DOS cd command to change directories for some reason)

Cleaned up with OTC, deleted the other files, and uninstalled F-secure.

I do have a hardware router.

I'm going to look into configuring a standard account. That sounds like a good idea. Can one be created based on everything I already have in my current account (programs, desktop, etc)? I'll google that, or if you know of a link describing the process, I'd appreciate it.

Windows update is set to automatic.

I used Secunia and updated quicktime and firefox.

Now running Spyware Blaster.

Copied Burgess' info into my hosts file.

I have Acronis True Image. I just have to run it more often!!

Installed WOT.

Many thanks for your help.

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OK. Well done. Just only make a new standard-level account, and use it to login when you plan to be on the internet.

Keep your old account, just do not use that when doing websurfing, or playing online games,etc.

Use the administrator-level (old) account when needing to install new programs or make changes to the system.

Standard users are equivalent to the standard user account in previous versions of Windows {Windows XP}.

Standard users have limited administrative privileges and user rights—they cannot install or uninstall applications that install into %systemroot%, change system settings, or perform other administrative tasks.

However, standard users can perform these tasks if they are able to provide valid administrative credentials when prompted.

I wish you well. Best wishes for a Happy new year,

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