Help is this a false positive or malaware

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Registry Keys Detected: 6

HKCR\Interface\HKLM\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\{55555555-5555-5555-5555-550055465539}\TypeLib (PUP.CrossFire.SA) -> Delete on reboot.

HKCR\TypeLib\{44444444-4444-4444-4444-440044464439} (PUP.CrossFire.SA) -> Delete on reboot.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\HKLM\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\{55555555-5555-5555-5555-550055465539}\TypeLib (PUP.CrossFire.SA) -> Delete on reboot.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\HKLM\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\{55555555-5555-5555-5555-550055465539}\TypeLib (PUP.CrossFire.SA) -> Delete on reboot.

HKCU\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\HKLM\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\{55555555-5555-5555-5555-550055465539}\TypeLib (PUP.CrossFire.SA) -> Delete on reboot.

HKCU\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\HKLM\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INTERFACE\{55555555-5555-5555-5555-550055465539}\TypeLib (PUP.CrossFire.SA) -> Delete on reboot.

Ran Malawarebytes anti-rootkit and keep getting this even are cleanup. When I do other scans nothing is detected.

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This is no False Positive, nor Malware. It is detected as PUP here, which means, potentially Unwanted Program.

This was was probably installed with a toolbar called "SavingsApp" which is not recommended.

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