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".EXE. files won't open in windows XP


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Do as much as you can of the following:

Close all your open programs, including Internet Explorer.

  • Click Start, then click Run.
    In the command box that opens, type or copy/paste
    and then click OK.
    The Internet Options dialog box will show.
    Click the Advanced tab.
    Under Reset Internet Explorer settings, click Reset. Then click Reset again.
    When Internet Explorer finishes resetting the settings, click Close in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box.

To Reset Firefox to its default state:

Start Firefox

in the address bar, type in


Click on the Reset Firefox button at top right of screen.

Also see http://support.mozil...ptions&r=2&as=s

Still in Firefox, on main menu, choose Tools >>> Options

click the General tab

Under the Downloads block

IF the SAVE files to is selected, then Click on (to select) Always ask me where to save files

Then press OK button

Using Internet Explorer browser (only!) go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923737

[ignore any DOES NOT APPLY warning as well as the APPLIES TO section],

run the Fix It and then reboot.

Tip: For optimal results, enable the Delete personal settings option.

Using Internet Explorer browser, run the Microsoft Fix-It on the following MS page


If your Internet Explorer is still having issues, then see the reply by Yog Li marked as answer at the following MS Technet page



I suggest you get and run the Microsoft Windows Defender Offline. This is an "offline" tool that you boot the pc with and scan your system for malware.

To get started, find a blank CD, DVD, or USB flash drive with at least 250 MB of free space and then download and run the tool—the tool will help you create the removable media.

The basic sequence of steps are

a) Download and SAVE the tool to a unique folder/location on your pc

b) Create the CD/DVD/USB-flash drive with tool

c) Set pc to boot from the offline media

d) Place media in & restart system

e) Run the tool. Have infinite patience & have it scan the entire system. Remove any malware that is found.

Download & info link http://windows.micro...efender-offline

The frequently asked questions for this tool


After the WDO tool has completed the scan, remove the boot-CD or USB, and restart Windows in normal mode.

Then look for and then Copy all contents & Paste the following log-file

c:\windows\windows defender offline\summit\mssWrapper.log

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We have IE working again, and I downloaded several different items to get the appropriate MS stuff. I had done the fireox reset when I got the updates so we are all good there too. The fix it tool only found one issue so i told it to go ahead.

I will do the offline defender this evening. when I get to my country home....OK, OK It'smy dads. But I have internet there, I'm afraid it will take too long here and I will have everyone waiting on me.

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I am just about as aggravated as a man can get. I downloaded the defender Offline and then tried to burn it. (Actually I did burn the download but I did it before I was suppose to) But naturally my burning system (or what ever) isn't good enough and I had to have (IMAPA) v2.0. So I go and find that and the first time it says it doesn't match my Windows system. But I know what I have is right so luckily I do it again and it goes then I commence to educate myself on how to boot from a disc and then try to load it on a DVD well of course now, and behold, after trying several discs it repeatedly says I don't have a disc in the machine. After due diligence and much smoke form my ears I am no closer to having defender Offline. I burn disc's on this computer and they were always good enough up until now. They are Memorex DVD+R 16x 4.7 GB 120 minutes.

I am at a loss now.

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OK. I just realized that this computer won't burn DVDs, but it will burn CDs, and I only brought 1 blank CD with me up here to the country. I will try to bum a blank one from a neighbor in the morning and try again. I feel like I am a keystone cop fumbling like this but we have made some strides I believe.

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<<o.m.g. >>

See if this article helps http://www.sevenforu...er-offline.html

You must 1st download AND "SAVE" the download to your system. to your C hard drive.

Only then, you run the tool.

When you get to the part where it shows, Choose your setup media.

You want to choose the 3rd listed option ----- As an ISO file on a disk (Advanced)

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That is just what I tried to do. I use ISO for a something unrelated, and I tried that, but I may have already had an effect on the CD so it wouldn't take using ISO. I have bummed enough CDs today. will pick up some tomorrow. Might even get a flash drive too. I will read the article and i appreciate the hep you are giving me

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Well I am at a loss. I logged on My Parents computer that I am also working on while I am up here (see [pup.mywebsearch no action taken] in this same forum). The experience here has helped me a lot. Anyhoo, I used there computer and burned a DVD successfully but I can't get the damn thing to boot from the DVD. When I boot up, I press escape and gives me 2 options, and they are to boot from (1)CD or(2)notebook I choose CD of course but then the CD/DVD dealie clicks and hums a little but then windows boots up regularly(after a long delay with a black screen with a cursor blinking in the upper left hand corner). Only once did I get an question. It said press any key to boot from CD (after the CD or notebook option). By the time I realized I had to make a move it was too late. I have tried 15 times. Do you think maybe I can't use a DVD? What do you think I may be doing wrong?

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Your computer, does it have just a CD reader/writer? Do you know if it is also a DVD-reader/writer ?

Maybe it only has CD capability. We need to know about your hardware.

Also, has the "EXE won't open" been cured? i.e., are we long past your original problem?

Get and Run the MalwareBytes Anti-Rootkit. Credit Kevinf80 for the directions below.

Run the following and post the requested log,

1. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit from this link http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/mbar/

2. Unzip the File to a convenient location. (Recommend the Desktop)

3. Open the folder where the contents were unzipped to run mbar.exe


4. Double-click on the mbar.exe file, you may receive a User Account Control prompt asking if you are sure you wish to allow the program to run. Please allow the program to run and MBAR will now start to install any necessary drivers that are required for the program to operate correctly. If a rootkit is interfering with the installation of the drivers you will see a message that states that the DDA driver was not installed and that you should reboot your computer to install it. You will see this image:


5. If you receive this message, please click on the Yes button and Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit will now restart your computer. Once the computer is rebooted and you login, MBAR will automatically start and you will now be at the start screen. (If no Rootkit warning you will go from step 4 to 6.)

6. The following image opens, select Next.


7. The following image opens, select Update


8. When the Update completes, select Next


9. In the following window ensure "Targets" are ticked. Then select "Scan"


10. If an infection/s is found the "Cleanup Button" to remove threats will be available. A list of infected files will be listed like the following example:


11. Do not select the "Clean up Button" select the "Exit" button, there will be a warning as follows:


12. Select "Yes" to close down the program. If NO infections were found you will see the following image:


13. Select "Exit" to close down.

14. Copy and paste the two following logs from the mbar folder:

System - log

Mbar - log Date and time of scan will also be shown


Post those two logs in your reply.

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I don't think I can write DVDs. I know I can burn CDs, because I have done that, as a matter of fact I burned one yesterday of some pictures I wanted off my computer to free up some space because I only have 3% free so I can't defrag. I do know too that I can play DVDs because i have watched movies on this computer. NOw what I am wondering is, can this computer read that kind of information off of a DVD on boot up like that. I have not given up on the defender offline. We are headed into town here in a little while and I'm gonna pick up some blank CDs and i'm going to burn one on the other computer and see if it will boot from a CD instead of a DVD.

(I might get a flash drive as insurance too)

Yes the issue with running the .EXE files has been solved. We took care of that early on. We have brought this computer a long way. Is it a 100%? I can't really say, but to answer your question, yes. I miss the days when I could have 9 tabs open in Mafia wars and run skype at the same time.

I think a lot of my problem now is with shockwave. It seems to be the bane of a Zynga gamers existence.

Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit


Database version: v2012.12.23.06

Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86 NTFS

Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702

Curtis Lumpkin :: CURTIS [limited]

12/23/2012 12:14:06 PM

mbar-log-2012-12-23 (12-14-06).txt

Scan type: Quick scan

Scan options enabled: Memory | Startup | Registry | File System | Heuristics/Extra | Heuristics/Shuriken | PUP | PUM | P2P

Scan options disabled:

Objects scanned: 26355

Time elapsed: 40 minute(s), 12 second(s)

Memory Processes Detected: 0

(No malicious items detected)

Memory Modules Detected: 0

(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys Detected: 0

(No malicious items detected)

Registry Values Detected: 0

(No malicious items detected)

Registry Data Items Detected: 0

(No malicious items detected)

Folders Detected: 0

(No malicious items detected)

Files Detected: 0

(No malicious items detected)



Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA

© Malwarebytes Corporation 2011-2012

OS version: 5.1.2600 Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86

Account is Non-administrative

Internet Explorer version: 8.0.6001.18702

File system is: NTFS


CPU speed: 1.463000 GHz

Memory total: 526434304, free: 85835776

------------ Kernel report ------------

12/23/2012 11:30:06

------------ Loaded modules -----------













































































































































\??\c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Definition Updates\{2170AE47-918C-4597-9B87-A01B1D24402D}\MpKsld4850a6d.sys




----------- End -----------


Upper Device Name: \Device\Harddisk0\DR0

Upper Device Object: 0xffffffff8295d9c0

Upper Device Driver Name: \Driver\Disk\

Lower Device Name: \Device\Ide\IAAStorageDevice-0\

Lower Device Object: 0xffffffff82990030

Lower Device Driver Name: \Driver\iaStor\

Driver name found: iaStor

DriverEntry returned 0x0

Function returned 0x0

Downloaded database version: v2012.12.23.06




Device number: 0, partition: 1

Physical Sector Size: 512

Drive: 0, DevicePointer: 0xffffffff8295d9c0, DeviceName: \Device\Harddisk0\DR0\, DriverName: \Driver\Disk\

--------- Disk Stack ------

DevicePointer: 0xffffffff8295d798, DeviceName: Unknown, DriverName: \Driver\PartMgr\

DevicePointer: 0xffffffff8295d9c0, DeviceName: \Device\Harddisk0\DR0\, DriverName: \Driver\Disk\

DevicePointer: 0xffffffff829d1280, DeviceName: \Device\00000085\, DriverName: \Driver\ACPI\

DevicePointer: 0xffffffff82990030, DeviceName: \Device\Ide\IAAStorageDevice-0\, DriverName: \Driver\iaStor\

------------ End ----------

Upper DeviceData: 0xffffffffe140c650, 0xffffffff8295d9c0, 0xffffffff81c53660

Lower DeviceData: 0xffffffffe2d31d10, 0xffffffff82990030, 0xffffffff81ca02c8


Volume: C:

File system type: NTFS

SectorSize = 512, ClusterSize = 4096, MFTRecordSize = 1024, MFTIndexSize = 4096 bytes

Scanning directory: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers...


Drive 0

Scanning MBR on drive 0...

Inspecting partition table:

MBR Signature: 55AA

Disk Signature: 4D384D37

Partition information:

Partition 0 type is Primary (0x7)

Partition is ACTIVE.

Partition starts at LBA: 63 Numsec = 61303977

Partition file system is NTFS

Partition is bootable

Partition 1 type is Other (0xc)

Partition is NOT ACTIVE.

Partition starts at LBA: 61320105 Numsec = 16836120

Partition 2 type is Empty (0x0)

Partition is NOT ACTIVE.

Partition starts at LBA: 0 Numsec = 0

Partition 3 type is Empty (0x0)

Partition is NOT ACTIVE.

Partition starts at LBA: 0 Numsec = 0

Disk Size: 40020664320 bytes

Sector size: 512 bytes

Scanning physical sectors of unpartitioned space on drive 0 (1-62-78145360-78165360)...


Performing system, memory and registry scan...


Scan finished


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Looks like your system can write CDs. hence, you shoulda' made a ISO to CD of Windows Defender.

Looks as if you did not read all the how-to articles I gave you (earlier).

As to games/multiple browser windows / and shockwave

a) on Zynga....you are on your own

b) do not play games until after we are all clear

c) you must delete temporary internet files for each and all of your internet browsers

d) you need to free up a very large amount of space. 3% free is extremely low

e) Be absolutely sure you have the very last Shockwave ---- see the Secunia tool listed below

Download TFC by OldTimer to your desktop

  • Please double-click TFC.exe to run it. (Note: If you are running on Vista or Windows 7, right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator).
  • It will close all programs when run, so make sure you have saved all your work before you begin.
  • Click the Start button to begin the process. Depending on how often you clean temp files, execution time should be anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two. Let it run uninterrupted to completion.
  • IF prompted to Reboot, reply "Yes".

The result of the anti-rootkit scan is good. I see that you are clear of your original issues. You are good to go after the following cleanups.

If you have a problem with these steps, or something does not quite work here, do let me know.

The following few steps will remove tools we used.

We have to remove Combofix and all its associated folders. By whichever name you named it, ( you had named it Combo-Fix icon_exclaim.gif), put that name in the RUN box stated just below.

The "/uninstall" in the Run line below is to start Combofix for it's cleanup & removal function.

Note the space after exe and before the slash mark.

The utility must be removed to prevent any un-intentional or accidental usage, PLUS, to free up much space on your hard disk.

  • Click Start, then click Run.
    In the text box that opens, type or copy/paste
    c:\documents and settings\Curtis Lumpkin\My Documents\Downloads\ComboFix.exe /uninstall
    and then click OK.

IF in the case Combofix un-install has an issue, skip that step.

  • Download OTC to your desktop and run it
  • Click Yes to beginning the Cleanup process and remove these components, including this application.
  • You will be asked to reboot the machine to finish the Cleanup process. Choose Yes.

ERUNT you should keep and use on a periodic basis to backup Windows registry.

Delete the following if still present:









DrWeb Cure-It



Check Control Panel's >> Add-or-Remove Programs

look for BitDefender Quickscan and remove/uninstall IF present.

Safer practices & malware prevention

We are finished here. Best regards. cool.gif

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I did try to write Defender off line with the ISO but due to my lack of experience I was unable to do it right. I did get some CDs today, and a flash drive as a back up plan. Ready for irony? OK, so I have my Dads computer cutting another Defender offline to CD, and I turn on mine to boot to have it ready to install the fresh CD I'm making. I look up and it's sitting there waiting for me to press any key to boot from the DVD! So I tap a key and off she goes to the races! Alas that was short lived because you have to be online to upload download updates So I have to move the ethernet line to it and it starts downloading the latest updates to the def offline. It wouldn't finish though. It said the connection failed, and it was taking a long long time to do it too. So I tried again 3 times and the same thing happened every time.

Seems the mistake I was making was I was doing to much. (I was clicking ESC at boot up)All I needed to do was wait at boot up. Not do anything, and it will ask for any key stroke to boot from CD/DVD. I had went into bios earlier and expanded the time allotted for that opportunity to be longer. Originally it was 0, ( I set it for 20 seconds)that is one of the reasons I had trouble last night.

As for my C drive, I don't understand where all my space is. The only music I have is also on a mpeg that is 1 gig. I have maybe 50 pictures, and maybe 50 documents. Why would I be out of hard drive? What else can I remove other than the music and pics? Which I suppose I can. I can just burn them to CDs.

Merry Christmas Maurice and Thank You

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Well I've had no luck finding the "uninstall" for ComboFix. It is in downloads. But I have used the search function and looked everywhere that I could. I went into the advanced search mode and when I did that it would not search at all. I assume that i can't just delete ComboFix from Downloads? Also, on these items:

Delete the following if still present:









DrWeb Cure-It



Do you want me to just right click and use delete from the mouse? I ask because they are .exe files and so is the ComboFix.

I did not see bit defender Quick scan

Also with the OTC download. I didn't really see where it removed anything

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If you ran OTC like I outlined, it would also remove Combofix as part of it's cleanup.

Thus if OTC was run, do not worry on combofix-removal.

Just delete any leftover tools normally. I typically do that in Windows Explorer, click once to highlight the item, then use SHIFT+Delete to do a complete deletion.

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Glad we could help. :)

If you need this topic reopened, please send a Private Message to any one of the moderating team members. Please include a link to this thread with your request. This applies only to the originator of this thread.

Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread. Thanks!

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