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Virtual machine licencing

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I have a licence for MBAM pro, and wish to install a second copy on an XP virtual machine running on the same computer. Can I run MBAM on the VM under the same licence, or will I need to buy another?

I searched the forum and only found one similar topic from 2009, which suggested that a single license will suffice as it is a single machine licence rather than a single OS licence, but as the answer was not from an MBAM staff member, I want to be sure :)

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  • Root Admin

It sort of depends on how you're using this VM. Is this a virtual machine that you only run from time to time to test things or is it constantly running and being used as a second computer or to allow other users the ability to remotely access it.

Technically speaking all computers require they're own license but if this is simply a test VM that is not always running then you should be able to use the license on it. However, if you use the VM pretty much daily then it really needs to have it's own license. Now, that said if you're using a VM then you really can protect it by using snap shot technology to allow restoring the computer back to another point in time. Though if using daily that would use a lot of disk space over time making that many snapshots or if your data is not changing much and your okay with it just make a couple of different "master" snapshots and use those to restore back to.

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Thanks both of you for the replies.

Ron, it's a VM that I've set up in Hyper-V purely to run personal legacy software that I need to use from time to time, which is suffering a few glitches under Win 8, even in compatibility mode. Whilst I access it most days, it's only for limited periods of time and I will be the sole user, so I'll only be running the VM when I need to use it. I'll probably do a bit of surfing whilst it's running, since it 's easier than switching back and forth between the two OS's when I'm on it, hence my desire to have the protection of MBAM.

In other words, I'm only using one OS at a time. My AV licence allows installation on up to three OS's on a single machine - I hadn't realised that until I investigated it today, which is what made me wonder about MBAM.

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