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How did these files get missed by a scan with both Malwarebytes and McAfee

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Last week I downloaded the free Malwarebytes to run along side my McAffee because I found these 3 files in my personal folder...



They were all created a week ago within 3 mins of each other.


I have Windows 7


Ive did scan them with McAfee and the results seemed OK.

Tryed to open them and this?


I then rescanned them once I got Malwarebytes installed on my PC and results of a quick scan were


I then put the files in my recycle bin.

I have scanned my pc with both Malwarebytes and McAfee regularly since (both Updated obviously before use)

and nothing has been detected both quick scans and full scans.

Today the pc was doing its scheduled Mcafee scan and I noticed this, mcafee has just moved the files (Which I had put in the recycle bin) into quarantined !

Yet I had done scans with both McAfee and Malwarebytes at lest once a day!


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Hi, punkoid:

No single anti-virus, anti-malware or other security program can possibly detect every possible malware variant. :(

Many infections mutate so rapidly that new variants are created nearly every hour.

The MBAM engineers work 24/7/365 to update the databases accordingly.

(Also, FWIW, if you are only using MBAM Free, it is not providing any real-time protection.

It can only detect malware that may have made it on to your computer. Only the MBAM PRO version can protect your computer in real time.)

If you think you have infected or suspicious files on your computer, please follow the instructions in this sticky topic: Malware hunters please read and this sticky topic: Purpose of this forum

Then, please start a new post with the requested information in the Newest Malware Threats section of the forum: Newest Malware Threats

The MBAM engineers will analyze the files and determine if they need to be added to the database. :)

Thanks for your assistance,


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Thanks for the reply.

Yes I know I dont get realtime protection from my version of MBAM.

I would send the files to be analysed but to be honest now they are quarantined IO wouldnt know how to send them?

I last week I did upload them to VirusTotal.

I didnt really understand the results. I did one file and then the other 2 and virusTotal said I had already scaned the file So apart from different names does that mean same




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  • Staff

Ok to explain why. Malwarebytes concentrates on recent executable files that can actually run and infect your computer. The files that were uploaded to virustotal are not executable files and as you already saw when you tried to run them. These alone cannot harm your computer. These are more then likely fallout from some other infection.


if you click more details at the top you will see it says file type unknown instead of executable. also addtional information has the previous scans and file info.

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