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800+ Million Views on YouTube - Most viewed video in history..


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weeeeellll ...

some ludicrous music (and today , videos included) has *somehow* managed to rise to the top .

there is no sure-fired formula for what will be popular or eventually become "timeless" ...

what scene do you think of when someone mentions "maltese falcon" ?

how about the marx brothers ? they performed many songs in their movies ... personally speaking , "lydia the tattooed lady" comes to mind .

an example from the 60s would be "country joe and the fish" ... name the event and song associated with them .

more recently (not too recently) , a video entitled "around the world" received copious amounts of "normal" airplay ... one streaming channel (demo for their comm package) ran this video 24/7 , for more than six months !

the list goes on .

yep ... there's no tellin' .

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but , what if the person is schizophrenic ?

could a different personality/same IPA count as a different vote ?


Schizophrenia wouldn't make any difference to YouTube. :P

As for how the system works, I'm not entirely sure when multiple views from the same person no longer effects the view counter, but I do know that when the view count on a video goes up too quickly they freeze it at 300 in order to verify that the views are legit. When it comes to 800 million views, I seriously doubt that YouTube has verified the majority of them, and there are probably ways of fooling the system to allow a handful of people to drive the view count up (as long as it doesn't happen too quickly). We can assume they use a mix of session tracking and IP tracking to prevent simply refreshing the page from effecting the view counter significantly, and we can assume that they are aware of things like TOR and actively prevent them from being used to fool the system and drive up the view counter, however I really don't know any of that for certain.

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I've never watched it but hearing about it all the time annoys the *beep* out of me.


I just watched 30 seconds of it, that is enough for me... bleh

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