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Please remove this IP from your software as being malicious. It is a bank website and does not contain any malicious content. They also have, .133, and .141 which are also being blocked. They have customers with your software that are unable to access the website.

Any questions please feel free to email me.

We would like to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Allen Hall

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As an update, it looks like you are reporting the entire /24 as malicious... We purchased a company that owned the IP space previously, and they hosted a UK advertising agency that might have caused you to flag this originally. Our reverse DNS zone for that range had some old entries in it that have now been removed.

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I am still investigating this.

One thing does have me curious though - why you chose an ASN/host that caters (or at least, appears to, given it's the only things I've seen over the time I've been monitoring it) exclusively to porn and phishing/fraud sites? (there's never been anything else on this range in the history of my monitoring it).

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Thanks. The previous owner of the block allowed this type of content to be hosted on their infrastructure. We were given the block with the aquisition of a company, not knowing until this particular issue that the block was used for unsavory purposes. Given that most blacklist sites have the block as being allowed, we saw no reason not to use it. In our findings MB was pretty much the only software blocking it.

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