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MBAR conflicts with MBAM while scanning

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I downloaded MBAR beta yesterday and ran scan option. I have windows xp - sp3. While it went thru' scanning drivers and memory without issues, at some point MBAM disappeared from system tray. Then after some time, windows message box appeared (i don't remember the contents of the message, but it is usual one that we get when the program does not work properly), with the options :-- click OK to terminate and Cancel to Debug the program (by program i mean Malwarebytes anti-malware). After this windows itself did not respond. I had to hard boot the computer.

This happened once again after restart when i ran the MBAR scan again. Please help in resolving the issue.

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Hello all. I have Window 7 OS. I've been using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro addition for a couple of months now. I have it on my desktop and laptop. I did a dumb think and clicked on a 7zip bumble (spelled something like that). Anyway, when I realized the made a mistake, I had to uninstall about 5 programs in the uninstall. Than I ran full system scan with my Norton 360 (which by the way does NOT seem to conflicts with THE GREAT Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) not that I can tell or see) Found nothing. Than I decide to run Norton Power Eraser. Nothing found. Than, THAN hehe I ran full system scan with Malwaebytes Anti-Malware and found 1 Object Mr. Nasty (PUP.BundleOffer...) and was removed from my system completely, thanks to THE GREAT Malwarebytes Anti-Malware created by all the good people of Malwarebytes corporation. I AM SO HAPPY WITH ALL OF THE HARD WORKING PEOPLE AT MALWAREBYTES!!! Now today I ran the new Beta MBAR. Found nothing, and found nothing strange after the scan. I have been spreading the WORD about MBAM to my friends at work and were I can. Thank you Malwarebytes. :)

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