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Elusive Virus, Survived Reformatting. Please help!

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Some time ago, I got a virus that showed its presence by:

(1) having Windows Antispyware 2012 pop up

(2) redirecting Google searches

(3) having random web pages pop up

(4) changing my Google location from Los Angeles (which was always the same for 2 years) to other random California places

(5) adding some unknown Sony laptop to my router's home network

(6) significantly slowing down my internet

(7) making my computer run loudly.

I was a newby to computer stuff and still am, but I lurked all over the internet and ran some popular programs to combat backdoor trojans, rootkits, adware, spyware, etc. The programs came up with various things like ZeroAccess rootkits and trojans. So, I used the programs to get rid of the malware and the scans afterwards would come up clean. However, the problems would keep coming back and the scans would come up with them again. So, I reformatted my computer for the first time in years. The symptoms diminished, but my Google location was still unstable and constantly changing. I put a password on my router's home network and the Sony laptop vanished.

Flash to now, after some time, my computer started making loud noises again and I experienced slow internet again. I had location changes, Google redirects, and random pop ups again. However, this time it was more subtle and no rogue antispyware programs popped up. I ran scans and they all showed nothing this time. So this week, I reformatted again. However, it was weird this time. I saw some system32 command, 'cmd', boxes show up and disappear real fast in a flash during reformatting. Also this time, instead of taking some time for symptoms to reappear, the loud noises showed up immediately but the internet was faster than before. So, I really need help, please.

I don't have anything I need to back-up or preserve. I just want to wipe out this virus by any means like zero-fill, etc. My computer's operating system is Windows XP Service Pack 3. Can anyone help me please?

(I'll sincerely give thanks to any help during Thanksgiving.)

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