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Dual licence for home user Malwarebytes Pro


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Hi and thanks for a brilliant malware program and I have Malware Pro. Does Malwarebytes have, and if not, do they intend to have an offer for the use of a dual licence for the home users.

This day and age many people like myself have a Desktop for home use and a Laptop with WiFi for roam use. Some businesses are now doing this ie Nero and AVG.

Cheers Pete

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Hi, pb1947:

At this time, it's 1 license per 1 computer for home users.

Each license is "lifetime", though, and can be transferred to another computer.

So although other security software/AV vendors might offer a multiple-computer license, they do not offer lifetime licenses.

IMHO the MBAM lifetime license is a far better deal, especially over the long haul. :)

--->>>There is a discount for multiple consumer licenses purchased at the same time.<<<---

Having said all that, we'll need to wait for the "official" word from the MBAM staff about your suggestion. ;)



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Hi Porthos,

I am curious as to why you asked???

Never the less, 1- It would mean one less form to fill in 2- It would mean one less Visa card transaction to make. 3- it would mean one less Visa transaction fee 4- The less forms and transaction fees that are filled out means less chance of being phished. 5- Everytime I enter my Credit Card details on the net I cringe with fear of being ripped off, so the least I have to do it the better. 6- Not to mention convenience as I have already said that

lol, here is a few reasons for starters. Cheers Pete

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Hi Exile360, And thank you for your fast response, I cannot do this anyway as I already have a licence for MBAM on this system and the free version on the notebook. As I have had MBAM Pro for sometime now on my desktop, I have after several infiltrations realised its worth. The notebook is a later addition and I have to do a separate registration. The only reason I asked this question was to be suggestive. It can not be the money side for me as I am definitely going to upgrade my notebook to MBAM Pro as well (and that does not bother me).

When I looked at MBAM's website I noticed it had a header for home user's and another for businesses, and the multiple licences were under businesses only.

I only did the post to be suggestive and my reasons are as the post 2 posts above. After all this, I would like to suggest that MBAM website make home users more aware you can do this.

Cheers Pete

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Hi Pete;

Not mentioned, unless I missed it, MBAMPro lifetime licenses are often offered (with Malwarebytes' blessing) at a VERY decent discount in price now and again. (One off the top of my head was a %50 off retail's *official* $29.95 at around $15/copy) Reliable sources include AMAZON.COM among others.

Just a thought,


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