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Disable MWB Free.

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Hello Everyone,

I have just upgraded from W7 Home Premium to Ultimate.

I had AVG 2013 Free, SuperAntispyware and MWB. These I re-Installed on my Ultimate.

I was transferring some music through an internet programme, and MWB stepped in and 'blocked' the transmission.

I could find no way to disable it and so I removed it from the computer.

I have since re-installed it.

I have searched various answers to this problem, but the general and overall opinion appears to be that this action - disabling MWB - can only be done with the 'Paid' version of MWB.

If I wish to send any further music through the internet, will I have to remove MWB completely again, or is there a way to disable it?

Thanks for any input,



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Hi, colinito:

Actually, with MBAM Free, there is nothing to disable.

It's an on-demand scanner only, with no real-time protection against malicious files or malicious websites.

So, yes, "only" with MBAM PRO can the realtime protection be disabled, but that's only because only the PRO version offers such a feature. :)

IOW, if you are seeing a realtime block -- presumably an IP block during an attempted file download? -- then you must, by definition be running MBAM PRO.

It sounds as if you may have allowed the "default" trial of MBAM PRO during the setup wizard, as per the attached screenshot? :)

The free trial of MBAM PRO will expire in 14 days, at which time, if you click the tooltip balloon notifying you of the expiration, it will allow you to end the trial.

In the interim, yes, you can temporarily or permanently disable either component of the realtime protection of MBAM PRO, but that will render your computer more vulnerable to threats. (You can also do a clean reinstall of MBAM, making sure to un-tic (opt-out) of the MBAM PRO trial during the setup wizard.)

If you are using P2P, torrents or other filesharing for the downloads, and that's what's being blocked, please see this KB topic:

Why does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware block BitTorrent or other Peer to Peer Clients?

FWIW Filesharing is one of the most common mechanisms of computer infection these days.

You might want to take a look at these excellent references:

Risks of File-Sharing Technology.

P2P file sharing: Know the risks



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