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False positive for JD Auto Speed Tester

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I downloaded and installed JD Auto Speed Tester ( http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/ ) to monitor my internet connection speed. A Quick Scan with Malwarebytes flagged it as a trojan. When I looked on their site, they already knew about antivirus programs flagging it as a Trojan and discuss it here:


They say there: 'False positives happen because I programmed most of JDast with AutoIt which often does cause this problem.'

It seems to be a false positive and I have attached a zipped log file run under developer mode for you to check.

mbam-log-2012-10-15 (19-44-17).zip

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I have just updated my software , JD's auto Speed Tester, and would like to submit it to Mbam for white-listing procedure.

The installer can be found here :


version 17.9

SHA-256: 7B036877A376729DEABDB79BEDE672D83A1A881E930B938DB0EC791A028CF9EF

If there is an official method of submitting software to Mbam please provide me with the relevant information.

Many thx,


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We dont have a way of blanket whitelisting applications because we have seen too many times where malware exploits it. That said if there is ever any problem with your software being detected please contact us here in this forum and it will be fixed asap which is usually a few hours at most.


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hmm, well that can be a bit of a pain because i often dont hear about detections until one of the users actually contacts me about it and by then many many users could have removed the software or had it removed by mbam because i was unaware of any problems.

this is what happened last time , i didnt find out until several months later.

Im not asking for a blanket whitelisting im just asking you to whitelist this update. Its a single installer file that i can supply all the hash's that you might need.



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