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add feature to exlude web site/ip from blocking


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avast pro can block web site, but iit has a feature to alow tou to add a web site to the exlude blocking list

it would be good it you do that.

+ add a report button to it, so you can identify if its a fauls block


it also like to be told it web site is block in firefox. not just.. white blank screen as if you have no inter.. connection lost/reset

make it come up with .. web site blocked bt mw bytes...


Also, i get a lot of install fails (updates) from time to time kills my installed copy (no longer comes up in tray- loading error) i then have to uninstall + reinstall + with my paid code again.

win 7 64bit sp1, but it did it with xp sp3 on old (now dead machine)

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Hello, issa2000:

Thanks for your suggestions.

I think most of them have already been proposed, but I don't know their status with the developers.

We'll need to wait for one of the MBAM staff to respond with those details.

As far as adding a blocked IP to the MBAM "Ignore List", that is already a feature. :)

  • How can I add an IP so it won't be detected and can access a site I need to?
  • Visit the site and incur an IP block. Then right-click on the Malwarebytes system-tray icon after the block notification appears, and choose Add to Ignore List.

The FAQ - Section G contains a lot more information about the IP blocking module, how it works, and how to configure it.



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