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IP Blocked: ...F/P?


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Hello! A colleague of mine uses a toolbar in Firefox called SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz which when enabled is producing IP block messages from Malwarebytes for the IP: independent of the actual web page he is on. When the toolbar is disabled, no block messages are produced. I believe this is a false positive as I am under the impression this IP is an "authorization" server for the toolbar or something along those lines.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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Hello everyone,

I am having the same issue with that IP being blocked message without any toolbars installed.

Browser: Firefox v. 15.01 and FF Beta v. 16. OS: Win7 Ultimate, 64bit.

Message: "Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website

Type outgoing Port 49344, Process: firefox.exe

Whatever causes that message appears to scan ports in ascending order.

No messages appear when I use IE or Opera.

I ran in-depth scans with Malwarebytes, Norton, S&D and SuperAntiSpyware.

Malwarebytes and Norton did not show any results, S&D and SuperAntiSpyware found some, but none of them have fixed the issue.

Of the aforementioned programs, Malwarebytes is the only one displaying that warning message.

Any advice is greatly appreciated - thank you in advance!

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to make sure that I am understanding the issue at hand:

Malwarebytes blocked access to a malicious website and now the block has been lifted because the malicious content has been removed.

I get that part.

I am still wondering *what exactly* caused my browser to be directed to that malicious website in the first place.

How can I now trust that my PC is not infected and that no data is exchanged with another malicious website that has not been blacklisted yet?

AFAIK no virus/malware has been detected on my PC.

Am I missing something?

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