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MB Pro Detected avutil-51.dll as "Trojan.fakesig" (false positive?)

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My MB Pro RARELY ever detects something is a threat before my Nortons Security Suite, but today when I went to open my Comodo Dragon browser, before the browser was allowed to start, MB detected avutil-51.dll as "Trojan.fakesig," so I quarantined it. I then immediately did a Google search to find anything I could at all regarding this possible threat, only to find out that it's an extremely new detection, and it seems like anyone else who has posted anything about it online on other computer related forums are ALL wondering if it's a false positive or not.

However, nobody I seen had it detected as soon as they opened up the Comodo Dragon browser. I also run Iron, which many of you know is another version of the Chrome browser (like Comodo), but ran my Comodo Dragon before I opened up Iron today, so it MIGHT have detected/quarantined the same file for Iron if it's some kind of file associated with Chrome type browsers, AND it's a false positive. The people that I seen who posted questions about this SAME file being detected received a MB warning when they went to open up their Borderlands 2 game, and they said that it ended up in their 'Steam' folder. The folder that my detection was in is C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon\avutil-51.dll. I have not restarted my computer since the detection/quarantine, but others are saying that on Restart, MB is detecting the same 'threat' again. One person wrote on another forum:

"I'm getting the same. I noticed that deleting them causes Steam to download them again, so I'm guessing it's a false positive. Reassuring to know that I'm not the only one getting it."

Obviously, like I had said, this seems to be a very new occurrence/detection (and I'm SURE there are others here who had it detected today too, but there were no Stickys or other posts about it that I could find on THIS forum before I posted my thread just now), so if someone can shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it.

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