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Question regarding scan time

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Hi there. I just got around to running MBAM for the first time in a week (long-time satisfied user, btw!), and after downloading the "it's been 10 days, update your database? yes" update, I ran a Quick Scan. I was curious, because always before when I've run QuickScan, it's run in about 2:15 tops, and the last two previous QuickScans were under 2:00. This time though, it took 4 minutes, 16 seconds to scan (with no significant additional number of files scanned). Is this normal? It might just have been because I had just booted up my computer when I ran it and it was still "starting up" this, that and the other I suppose?

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Greetings and welcome :)

Yes, it is likely based on your description that running it shortly after boot affected it. Once a computer starts up there's a lot going on with background services and applications which run on boot so they're all using up CPU cycles and accessing the hard disk. All of that activity will tend to slow down other resource intensive processes, such as a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Also keep in mind that even though the number of items scanned may not differ much, the actual signatures in one database may which can cause scan times to vary some. The reason for this is because even though Malwarebytes is checking the same number of objects, the way it is actually analyzing those objects will change with each new database as it looks for different characteristics to determine if an object is an infection or not.

If you want to determine if it was simply the timing of the scan which caused the variation, just restart your computer once more and wait a few minutes, then launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and perform another Quick Scan to see how the time is.

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