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Question about smilies?

Guest DangerousClick

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i did a google search for GetSmile v1.952 ...

there are a number of warez/torrent sites that are listed ... obviously bad news there in more ways than one .

there are listings for "alternative" download sites ... caveat emptor .

the real website lists a free version and an "unrestricted/paid for version" ($24.95) .

i have collected single smilies from sundry sources (such as right click and save) and uploaded them to my photobucket account .

i keep a list in notepad of the full link to each one .

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Guest DangerousClick

Thanks Firefox,Sho-Dan,Ron, and others who helped.

I will take it in mind. :)

I don't download any smiley programs because all are 99.99% adware.

My friend got spyware and adware from SC(smiley central) and I told my friend to clean their computer, but they didn't care.

Oh well :(

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Ron thanks for the link.... that being said, I have getsmile installed on my system and use it on several forums. I have quite an extensive collection of smiles that I have collected through the years of using it. For now I can attest to it being virus/spyware free unlike smiley central.

I use it for smileys as well as all my canned replies that I use on all the forums I post in. My smiley collection file is about 80MB in size and when running it is only using up 6,844K of memory on my system.

Not trying to advertise its use, was merely answering the question at hand and since I know its add free (at least the paid version as I have never used the trial version).

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