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Has Malwarebytes found a fix for Ransomware yet?

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The Reveton Ransomware family of trojans is just one of the newest renditions of a sub-type of malware called cryptovirology .

There are new variants of the malware family being generated regularly due to the potential ill-gotten monetary gains perpetrated through what amounts to be a cyber fraud scheme.

Malwarebytes personnel have been on top of this malware family (and other cryptolvirologic malware families) as they are seen in the wild. Malwarebytes' software (aka; MBAM) has been successful in dealing with numerous variants to date. However, there is the possibility (as with any anti malware application) that a really new variant will not be recognized. Rest assured that the Malwarebytes' Malware Research team will endeavour to get it (the new variant) recognized and dealt with in an expeditious manner.

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