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Systray Black/No Icon

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XP SP3 - IE8

MBAM Pro v.

This posting is not an appeal for help, it is a merely my selfish way of venting my frustration with v.

I posted before under the heading "No System Tray Icon" wherein I wrote: "I previously had a problem with the systray icon when the program was first updated to v. The icon stayed black/gray rather than red. That was resolved by enabling the Terminal Service then running the mbam clean tool and reinstalling mbam".




Well, Terminal Service (which, by the way, was never needed before) is still enabled, but today, after removing a non-related program and then rebooting, I got an Error 0 notice and a black icon was in the systray. While the icon was there the program showed that Protection was enabled(green). However, after a short period of time the systray icon disappeared and then the program showed "Protection partially enabled"(orange), with no check mark by "Enable filesystem protection". After another reboot the red icon returned to the systray.

I have had the Pro version for four years and during that time I had never had an issue, until now. Since the upgrade to v. I have had to reboot way too many times. In the past week I spent more time with mbam (running the mbam clean tool, reinstalling the program, frequently rebooting and seeking advice) than I have with any of the my other programs combined.

I have now turned off mbam "Protection" and will not enable again until after there is another program upgrade.


End of Rant!

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Hi, again, walmath:

Sorry to hear you are still having protection module problems (although it sounds as if it's a slightly different problem this time?). :(

It's unfortunately way above my pay grade, so we'll need to wait for AdvancedSetup or another MBAM staffer to reply.

In the interim, though, since you have made some changes to the computer since your last topic (uninstalling other programs, etc), I expect that the experts will need to see another set of logs in order to look "under the hood" to pinpoint the cause and resolve the issue for you.

Could you please rerun MBAM-check and DDS & post back HERE with the logs, as instructed in this post?


Thanks very much for your patience & I hope you get up and running again soon,


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