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Adobe AIR password trojan


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My Sept 24th full scan (Malwarebytes' v1.65.0.1400) indicates that Adobe Air's file ... "template.exe" is a password trojan

Also, it is tagging my Cyberscrub's file "launch.exe" as a trojan agent.

Both files have been installed and residing for ages ... as an integral part of the programs ... and Malwarebytes' had not flagged them as a threat until the new version

The threat notation shows on a scan ... and also on pop-up messages advising of blocking an attempt to access the PC. There is an option to Quarantine.

Several other A-V program scans and the Total Virus.com site scan report "no threat". I believe Malwarebytes' Tech Team is addressing these issues.

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Yes there was a problem but it was corrected.

Hi, ritchardjc:

Until nosirrah or another MBAM staffer returns, it's not the PROGRAM version (per se), but the DATABASE/DEFINITIONS version that was the issue with the false positive detection, and it is now resolved. :)

Please restore the file(s) in question, and then make sure your MBAM definitions are current (the current version as I type is 2012.09.25.02) & rescan.

To do so, open the program from your desktop shortcut, click the "update" tab, then click the "check for updates" button, and allow MBAM to update its definitions, and then click "OK"; then, click the scanner tab and run a Quick Scan.

Those files should no longer be detected.

Here is a video that shows how to do this: How to update Malwarebytes

Please let us know if this resolves your issue,


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