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A suggestion to alleviate the frustration


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Having a computer issue you can't solve is very frustrating. It's more frustrating when you see other people getting help before you.

I posted my issue on Friday 21 Sept. and spent several hours on your forums looking for answers before posting.

I tried to follow all your rules and added the information as requested in your sticky.

Today is Sunday Sept 23 and I still haven't had a reply. I do have additional information on my issue but can't find a way to add it to my post. To make my issue more frustrating, I noticed many others who posted more recently are being assisted. Needless to say I'm very disappointed.

I was kind of hoping that you helped everyone equally and perhaps even on a first come first served basis. The other people who became members 24 hours AFTER me should not have priority over me. I think everyone should get a turn. That of course is just my opinion.

I can understand that I will likely never know the underlying reason why so many posts get priority over mine. But I do have a suggestion that I think will make a lot of your users much happier.

If you can't help, or don't want to help with an issue you reviewed, send a quick PM with a note like 'I'll look into it' Or at least some kind of reply to let us frustrated individuals know we are not forgotten.

That's my 2 cents.


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Hi, BusyMike:

Sorry you are having computer problems - I know it can be frustrating.

Unfortunately, the forum is very busy.

Your original post might have been inadvertently overlooked.

The malware removel forum is staffed -- especially on weekends -- mostly by unpaid volunteers who do the very best they can providing FREE, one-on-one expert, guided help to many, many users.

These experts are the only ones who can reply in that section of the forum -- regular members are not permitted to do so.

While 48 hours can seem like an eternity when one is waiting for help, most other computer disinfection fora advise new members that it can take up to *5 days* before a helper becomes available for one's case.

The average here is much less than that.

Everyone does the best that's possible.

Rather than posting duplicate topics when your original topic didn't get a reply after 48 hours, all that needed to be done was a polite "bump" of the original topic, or a PM to any one of the members of the mod team requesting a bump. :)

It appears that MrC has replied to your original post: http://forums.malwar...ndpost&p=600381 :)

Please stay with that topic -- he will work with you to get your computer cleaned and running properly.

I hope this explains things a bit more clearly until an MBAM staffer can address your specific suggestions/requests.

Thanks for your patience,


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It is the weekend currently and people may be off visiting with their families. Most people do not work on weekends. Most helpers are volunteers and can only do so much at a time.

You are not allowed to edit your posts until you have made 50 posts. This was removed because people abused this especially in the malware removal section and it makes it more difficult on the helpers as they always look at the latest post so editing it could damage your computer or make them have to start over as fixes may not work or go haywire if people are changing their information.

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Thank you for the responses...

As for Bumping the message I don't have access to that feature.

The only option I could see was to reply, and I read in the forums that might make my wait longer.

But it is disturbing to watch so many others get assistance when they posted after me.

I still think my suggestion is a good idea....

Thanks for the speedy replies.

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