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Not able to enable Malicious Website Blocking in MBAM

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Am in the process of cleaning up from a nasty virus and have the pro version of MBAM, up to date. I cannot select the "enable malicious website blocking" but everything is checked.

Am currently working with someone in another forum to clean up from the virus and I discovered this problem. He suggested I post that problem in this forum.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, dbsi: :)

I see that you are working with MrCharlie and that he suggested that you post here re: the issue with enabling the MBAM protection module:


The experts/staff will need a bit more info about what's going on with the system (in the form of some mbam-check & DDS diagnostic logs) in order to pinpoint and resolve the issue for you.

(The underlying cause is different for each computer.)

Having said that, it would probably be a good idea to wait for MrC to give you the "all clear" on your infection problem first.

It can be confusing to work on issues simultaneously in two different places, and your computer needs to be "clean" before working on other, remaining problems.

(It also appears that you have some other after-effects of the infection, such as problems running Windows firewall - you'll want to get this fixed, too: http://forums.malwar...dpost&p=599919.)

Alternatively, since you are running the PRO version of MBAM, you could contact the helpdesk directly for assistance.

The helpdesk can be reached here: http://www.malwareby...ontact_consumer

Either way, though, it would probably be best to wait until MrC is ready to close out your topic in the malware removal section first. :)



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