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Issues with Malwarebytes

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I had the same issue plus updates were not working right either. WIN 7 x64 SP1.

I just uninstalled MBAM. Ran MBAM_Clean. Rebooted and downloaded latest ver. again and installed. Everything working now.

My experience with MBAM updates on WIN 7 has no been good. Maybe MBAM should just instruct people to uninstall, clean, download latest ver., and install. Only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

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There is something definitely strange with this updated version.

Today after I did a cold boot after the clean install I did using MBAM_Clean, etc. as noted above, I had over 60 WIN 7 firewall inbound blocks from svchost to/from IPs like, Additionally I had an inbound a DNS block from NortonDNS which I use as my DNS server. I have never seen anything like this before. I beleive MBAM uses Ip which is Edgecast.

I did a few AV and anti-malware scans including Norton PowerEraser and I am clean as a whistle. Also no strange outbound activity per monitoring with TCPView.

What I did notice that MBAM icon appeared immediately after desktop initiialization but it was gray colored for a minute or so.

I will be out of town for a few days but will definitely post back if this weird cold boot activity persists. BTW - this doesn't occur on a regular restart.

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Ok. Back from a short vacation. Did a cold boot today after PC, WIN 7 x64 SP1, MBAM Pro latest ver., sat for a few days and no strange event log entries after the cold boot.

Perhaps a hiccup up with this new ver. of MBAM after initial installation? Really don't know but problem appears to have corrected itself.

Full scan with with Norton AV 2012 shows clean. Also clean with the latest version of Emisosft Anti-malware which I use as a stand alone scanner. Since this Anri-malware 7.0 ver. includes the Bitdefender engine, I feel confident I am clean.

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