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redirect to rogr.search-help.net help


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so i was looking up a local resturant in my area on google and when ifound their website i clicked the link and im taken instead to a page with my isp logo at the top (rogers) and it says its powered by yahoo search.

it also just researchs the info i typed into google.

the site in question im beign directed to is rogr.search-help.net

any idea what causes this or why this is happening.

calling my isp is getting me no where,

also of note is that this doesnt always happen ill go weeks sometiems months before this kind of thing happens again. on top of that under the rogers logo and before it shows the yahoo search resaults or what ever this is.

it says that it could not find hte requested page.

im also getting the same results in IE and firefox


so turns out that the site i was trying to go to no longer existed and rogers was directing me to this for some reason.

but correct me if im wrong isnt it againt some policy for them to do that

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Glad you figured it out....

Not sure about the policy, perhaps you can check with your provider. If I try to reach a page via a link on my providers site and it does not exist, I get a page from them telling me the page does not exist. This is only for pages on my providers domain, and not pages I type in the address bar.

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yeah it was really odd and the lady on the phone kept telling me its got to be a virus its got to be a virus. i spent 10 minutes arguing with her saying NO its part of your page it has to be an injection from you guys because its got all your info on it and what not.

so she has me download some tool from their main site and give a rogers tech agent remote access to my machine guy takes one look at it scrolls to the bottom and does something with it so that whe ni hit a website that doesnt exist i get a weird 404 page instead its on the same website as this redirect but im no longer getting their website suggestions.

(still rather annoying id rather have firefox give me a 404 page then have the mredirecting me to some weird site).

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yeah ... i do not like the "we can't find the site you are requesting , so how about this instead ?" .

they should at least change it to "pardon us while we perform an unasked for blurb that promotes our company ." .

the one i really do not like is when "they" (field techs mostly) throw some miserable crap program on your machine (that is absolutely not needed) that *supposedly* provides "better connectivity" (or some other verbage) ...

in the process it changes the top of the browser(s) to blurb for their employer .

odd , i do not recall signing an agreement to advertise for them ...

hey , where's my cut of the money ?


has anyone else had experiences with this ?

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I'm not inferring anything is wrong with your "machine".

I'm asking because if you are using Midcontinent Media DNS Servers and they are redirecting you based upon sites that no longer exist, then I suggest replacing your DNS servers with Public DNS Servers.

I'm using the following and not Verizon's DNS servers for my FiOS subnet.

If you also want to poison malicious sites there are public servers such as OpenDNS and/or Norton.

This site provides a list... Public DNS Servers

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