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I believe my PC was infected with some type of malware. Whenever I use google on Firefox and I click on one of the search results, it redirects me to www.gethotresults.com. This usually happens 1/3 to 1/5 of the time. Now, this does not happen on any other browsers I have installed. I heard this malware goes by the name "random". I havn't seen this name anywhere though. Not in the registry, not in the appdata, not in any firefox/mozilla folders (I thought it would be in there as thats what brower its affecting), I even checked most of the C-Drive. Please tell me it simply just needs me to reset firefox. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks.

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@ SilverDragon5000

Please start a new topic, making one post only that contains your remarks AND has within the main-body of the box

the contents of the DDS.txt and Attach.txt

You need to Copy & Paste directly into the main body.

Do NOT use attach feature when posting logs.

Do NOT post a secondary reply to your topic until after an authorized helper has responded.

Your having replied to your initial post effectively makes your thread appear like you have help underway.

Start a new (single) topic. Await a helper's reply.

I am closing this thread.

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