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Random crashing and blue screen of death :(


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Hi there! :)

I have never experienced problems with viruses or malware before..... but man, what an annoyance! I'm not super technical with how I describe things, but I will try as hard as I can.

About a week and a half ago, everything was great. I almost ALWAYS use Google Chrome, which has never, ever given me a problem. After I closed an MMO that I play, it usually has a pop up which is normal, talking about the game. It had something I liked, so I clicked it, which I usually never do. When I did, it took me to IE instead of Chrome. I hate IE. Anyway, it took me to the MMO's website, which is normal. But literally within 5 minutes of being on IE, my computer shut itself down, which never happens. Upon restart, it started and went into windows.....and then would crash every single time. I took a picture of what it says and put it in the attachments. I know for a fact it is not hardware related, for 2 reasons. One being, I restarted and booted in Safe Mode with Networking. It didn't crash at all then, not matter how long I used the computer. The second reason, is upon using Google, I knew something was wrong. Instead of taking me to normal websites, when I searched it took me to crap websites that looked fishy. I didn't click anything. I installed Avast! which I had been meaning to but hadn't. I then installed Malwarebytes. Having avast running kinda helped a little bit, because then I could connect to the internet normally without safemode and it didnt crash and websites became normal again. I ran Malwarebytes and it keeps finding something called svc.host.exe over and over every time I scan...... it says its a trojan so I quarantine it and remove it and restart, but every time I scan it keeps coming back.....

It's weird, sometimes its fine and the internet works..... but other times it still isnt right. Also, it crashes sometimes, and sometimes it doesnt....... it is kinda scary because even right now as I am typing, if I search through google it gives me weird websites..... only reason I got here somewhat safe is because I bookmarked this website...... please help me. It is frustrating!




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By the way, I tried system restoring to an earlier day before the problems started happening, and that did not resolve the issue :( I have everything backed up prepared for reformatting...... but I wanted to see if you can maybe help me first. I love my computer and I hate it being hurt, lol. Thank you for your help :)

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I take it you have done a clean install of Windows 7.

I am closing this thread. And offering the following advice

Make a Windows 7 Rescue disc

Safer practices & malware prevention

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