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I'm pretty sure that it can (I personally only run SAS Free these days, and mostly to remove non-malicious tracking cookies).

However, it's probably not necessary. "More is sometimes less" when it comes to computer security -- the more realtime programs that are added, the higher the chance of performance issues, crashes, conflicts or worse (infection!).

The first line of computer defense is a fully updated Windows OS, with fully updated browsers, extensions and plug-ins (Flash, Java, etc).

The next layer is ONE robust, up-to-date, realtime anti-virus (there are many free and paid options), with a software firewall (especially if you don't have a router with a hardware firewall).

Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?

The next layer is a robust, realtime anti-MALWARE program to provide complementary protection against 0Day threats. MBAM is the obvious choice and I personally find it to be a much more robust product with better support than some of the others (JMHO as a home user).

An occasional online scan with one of the many such scanners can be added in from time to time for good measure.

And there are some other adjuncts, such as Hostsman, WinPatrol, etc.

And most importantly, safe computing practices (since most infections originate on the part of the computer between the chair and the keyboard). ;)



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It's nice dealing with people who actually know what their talking about, rather than just uninformed guessing.

I presently have both Pro versions (Malwarebytes Pro in trial mode) and will let you know if I have any conflicts.

Thanks guys ("the male embraces the female," that's what they taught us in law school).

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