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Issues with v1.65.0.1400

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Just updated from 1.62.XXX. Issues as follows:

1. Hovering over the icon in the Sytem Tray used to show the time of the last update installed. This time is no longer displayed.

2. Deselecting 'Website Blocking' is now deemed to remove full protection and the icon appears grey. I don't want website blocking and from various posting in the forums neither do many others. Deselecting this option should not alter the colour of the icon in the System Tray.



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Hello, skier:

Issue 1:

This was by design in this current version, as some felt that the balloon with the timestamp was quite large. However, several folks (included myself ;) ) have asked that the timestamp be added back. It has been submitted to the devs, but, AFAIK, it won't happen with this particular version. Please do note that the Database version still shows the date & the version number (e.g. 2012.09.11.08).



Issue 2:

I'll need to defer to the MBAM staff on that.

However, the website blocking is a vital, important part of the MBAM PRO realtime protection module. Few users express any interest here at the forum to completely disable it.

Given that it's such an important component, it seems quite reasonable that the GUI would display an "incomplete" protection status. This is no different from a similar display in one's AV or security suite, when an important component is disabled.

Properly configuring it and leaving it active would be far safer for your computer than completely disabling it.

Are you running Skype or P2P/filesharing software on your system? These can cause frequent IP blocks; however, they are easily dealt with via some simple interventions. :)

If you are experiencing issues with the website blocking module, please post back with details and someone will be more than happy to assist you. :)



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