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false positive on our platform


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Hi Sir/Madam

My name is Sharon Leon, COO of Crossrider.

Crossrider is a JavaScript development framework for cross browser

extensions. We currently have over 10,000 developers using our platform

and 140M end-user installations. Our extensions were featured on TechCrunch,

ReadWriteWeb, LifeHacker and more.

We have noticed that you have accidentally labeled Crossrider's extensions as

a virus/malware. This should not be the case as our extensions are

built with JavaScript code running in a sandbox, with no additional

permissions. Our priority is to ensure all our apps are secure. If any

apps violate our T&C our policy is to shut them down immediately.

We’ve been clear with all major players (McAfee, AVG, and others).

We would appreciate it if you did keep us informed (report AT

crossrider.com) of any behavior you see as problematic so that we can

immediately take care of it.

It is important to note that once we are informed of such a

malware/virus taking advantage of our framework, we immediately block

the alleged app and as a results ALL the users which installed this

extension are effectively no longer infected.

For your lab testing, I've attached the false positive file RARed, in the RAR there's also a screenshot of the detection

The site of the developer developed this extension is picbadges.com

I cannot add a log of the detection, as this was reported to us by an end-user who tried to install the extension and could not.

Best Regards,



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