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MBAM protection

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Hi, nospam29: :)

Perhaps see if this recent post by forum mod Exile360 helps?

It should be set to Automatic under Services.msc, though we're aware of an issue which we plan to fix in a later release where it may not be configured that way after an upgrade. You can fix this yourself if you wish by opening services.msc and setting MBAMService to Automatic instead of Automatic (Delayed Start) http://forums.malwar...ndpost&p=595570

Also, it might help to know what version of Windows you are using (XP, Vista or 7).



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Thanks for the info, nospam29.

Some delay is normal, to avoid conflicts with anti-virus applications, etc that have to load when the system starts.

And, if I am not mistaken, XP behaves a bit differently in this regard than does Vista/7.

Do you have a lot of applications in your startup folder, by any chance?

We'll need to wait for one of the more expert members or an MBAM staffer to weigh in - they may need a bit more detail about your system to determine if there's a problem and what might be causing it.

Thanks for your patience, :)


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  • Root Admin

Initially just reboot the computer. If that does not work then launch the program. Open the protection tab and if they're not enabled make sure you have "Start protection module with Windows" checked and both protection modules enabled. On slower computers you may need to wait up to 10 seconds or more after clicking each of the modules until it loads, please be patient as it is a live change not just a check mark.

Then reboot the computer again and it should come up okay.

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