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Win XP - unplugged


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Hi all,

Have a couple of internet friends who live in 3rd world Africa. Win7 Win 8 is too much money to up-grade. What happens in 18 months or so when XP's plug is pulled? The 3rd world depends on pirate edition xp. Will life cease to exist or just the 'threat level' will increase for those 'left behind'?

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The cost to upgrade to Win8 (even from XP) will be far cheaper than it has ever been:


(Of course, one's copy of Windows -- whether XP or Vista or 7 -- would need to be legal in order to get such an upgrade discount.)

Even the "retail" version of Win8 is going to be much less expensive than Vista or 7 ever was.

As for "pirate edition XP", I don't think you'll get any assistance or advice here, as use of such illegal software violates the PIRACY POLICY.

Thanks for your understanding,


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They can use Linux.

NOBODY should be dependent upon pirated software. Poverty is not an excuse for theft especially in cases where such theft isn't literally for survival.

The price of windows per wages ratio is pretty close to 'survival' over there. What's it in the west 1, 2 or three days work even for a poor man. Try buy it when your income is $2 per day. Show a little compasion for others less fortunate.

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We are not talking about stealing food to feed starving children here. We are talking about a computer OS that is not needed for survival nor is it the only game in town.

There is no compassion for Intellectual Property theft.


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Hi, AaLF:

I expect it will still work, just as all other obsolete OS do.

However, without further security patches, it will be the equivalent of running a computer version of "Typhoid Mary".

And, eventually, there will be problems finding drivers, compatible 3rd-party programs, etc.

If one cannot afford a few dollars to purchase a legal copy of Win 7 or Win 8, then the best bet would be DHL's suggestion to go to a free, open-source OS, such as Linux.

To reiterate, no matter what the cirucmstances, piracy is illegal and can not be condoned in any way, shape or form.


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One would conceivably give it (WinXP) the same consideration as one had done for; Windows 286, WinNT v3.5x, WfW, NT4, Win2K and Win9x/ME, et, al. It it just one of the best and most popular of the Windows family, albeit I know some who still swear by Win98.

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  • Root Admin

A good read BornSlippy (thanks for the link) that aside though right or wrong they do exist.


Legally no you cannot.

However many users can actually use Linux quite easily and it is free to use. Unless there is a very strong reason why you have to be on Windows are your general requirements allow it one can very easily install and use Linux. If the needs are a bit more than normal then it may require a bit of reading and participating in a forum to get some things configured and working the way you want but in the end once it is running you're all set and no need to worry about having any licensing fees to pay.

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  • 2 months later...

to add a point to this thread that i have not seen mentioned and some hopefully constructive information ...

what about those comps that can run XP but will not be able to run W7 or W8 ?

with vista and W7 there was/is a tool available from microsoft for determining this .

i do know that some comps that could run XP were not capable of running (aka : being upgraded to) vista or W7 ...

for example , i ran the tool and made the determination to load XP on a vista machine as it would not run W7 .

with another machine (again vista) it would not run XP but would run W7 .

i do not know all the fine points about these determinations ... i simply went with what was "suggested" by the program .

and the above brings me to this point :

if indeed the comps are in a "poor area" , chances are they are not going to be (for lack of better terms) "up to date" .

this means that , according to the "OS compatibility program" (from microsoft) ; that there is a fair chance that a portion of these types of machines may not be able to "handle" W7 or W8 .

this in turn leads to the solution referenced by a couple other members : run ubuntu or some other linux based , totally free-of-charge OS .

i have found it to run on many different types/ages of machines (i will not vouch for toshiba laptops !) .

i have even loaded and ran it on one of these :


i believe that machine was from 2000 (this one had W2K not ME on it) !

for 95% of my "normal daily stuff" i can use ubuntu or linux mint (with the MATE desktop GUI) in place of windows .

there are only a few programs that i need windows for ... these have not been "ported over" to ubuntu or a linux based OS .

there is a program called "play-on-linux" that allows one to run some windows based .exe programs , but it is rather limited in what programs will run .

as david mentioned , i do not support nor will i condone software piracy or illegal activities involved with such actions (i will not get into the philosophical side of the "intellectual property rights" issues) .

however (and to take the tack that david expressed) ... if a guy is stealing to feed his family , count me in - right along side of him helping out .

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Basically you have admitted that you prefer to steal when obviously there are free choices here. You have already been told that Linux is free such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint both have different desktop editions such as Xubuntu or Kubuntu. I don't care if people live in a 3rd world or not the only things needed to survive are food and water. Stealing an OS is just like stealing a car because you don't have one. That's no excuse especially by the poor. My recommendation is to take the suggestions here or move on to another place as you won't get any help because of our Piracy Policy. This has nothing to do with showing compassion as there are choices here to be made that are being ignored.

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