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Best anti-virus software protection for free


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Hi, gmom: :)

If you run a basic search of the forum on this topic, you will see that this has been asked (and answered) many, many, many times. :) :)

I realize you are new to the forum and the question is "new" for you, but it is unfortunately VERY, VERY old here (and at every other computer forum). :(

TMALSS, There is no 1 perfect recommendation that can be made, as no two computers or users are the same.

Here is a pinned sticky topic to get you started: Free Antivirus Recommendations

Also, just as an aside, I noticed that you are in the midst of a malware cleanup over in the other sub-forum.

You are probably just "thinking ahead" and doing some research, which is good.

Please do not, however, try to change your anti-virus "midstream".

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to install an anti-virus on an infected system.

When your helper, MrC, gives you his "all clear", he will provide some recommendations for you, and/or you can research it further here at the forum. :)

Also, most computer infections originate on the part of the computer between the chair and the keyboard. ;)

So, although this sticky is a bit old now, the basic recommendations are very sound: So how did I get infected in the first place?

Thanks very much for your patience and understanding,


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People need to stop asking this question. Seriously research before you post there are dozens of topics like this and many of us are just tired of this same old question asked almost every day. It's like asking what tastes better apples or oranges.


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