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Computer will not boot even in safe mode after system update


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Please help. I did a system update from Microsoft. I also did an adobe and java update. I then saw a small icon for security shield. A window popped up telling me of several system errors. I knew they were fakes. I tried to run malware bytes software. It blocked it. I tried to reboot the system in safe mode and that's where my horror began. The computer will not reboot even in safe mode or when I select the last know config that was working. As soon as the system goes to boot the screen flashes and goes back to the screen you get when you hold F5. I need help. My enite business is on this computer.

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You did not mention what version of Windows this is ?

Do you have your Windows DVD ?

If this is Windows 7, had you made (previously) your Windows 7 Repair disc ?

Does "this" pc have a USB from which you can boot?

Do you have access to a nearby clean pc ?

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Maurice. Thank u for responding.

I am running windows xp pro on a Sony vaio laptop. I have found a few solutions online using the windows recovery console, problem is when I try to launch the recovery console , it freezes and will not load. I though that's may be ale to boot from the recovery discs, butit looks like the discs from Sony only allow me to clear the c drive or do a full system restore. if I can access the recovery kconsole I believe that's can revert back to a point at which the computer was working correctly and then run antivirus to remove malware. Please help. I am stuck and my whole business is on here.

Lastly, is the a way to get all of the items in my documents and my pictures off of the computer and then I could just wipe it clean? Thanks again

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Look, either the XP Recovery Console is previously installed on your HDD (on the problem-pc) or it is not.

IF it is not already installed, you cannot add it now.

BUT if you have The Windows XP CD, you can boot off of the CD (after setting pc BIOS boot sequence to boot 1st from CD) and then get to the recovery console, if needed.

I need to know if you have the XP CD ?

Do you have a previously made (to offline media) a system backup ? preferrably a mirror-image set.

As a very last resort, it is possible (if you know your way in Linux) to get and use a Live CD and copy off your files and documents.

The MS Knowledge Base article noted below, may help in restoring a "prior XP System Restore point", in the case where you are unable to do this from a

Windows session. This article describes how to start the System Restore tool when you are unable to start your Windows XP-based computer normally or

in Safe mode.

You may be able to do it from a "special command prompt"..."Safe Mode with Command Prompt".

It would seem the requirements would be:

1. You had restore point(s) from before. (Which also means System Restore is active on your XP.)

2. You have to be able to "selectively" bootup your pc into "Safe mode with command prompt".

3. Follow the directions to use "rstrui.exe" the XP System Restore program.

HOW TO: Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt (KB 304449)


If you are totally unable to login, it may be due to a corrupted registry set.

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