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The Facebook CIA Connection Scandal

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Speaking of Super Spyware, I've noticed that the most extensive and intrusive spyware is completely overlooked and not recognized as such by Anti-Spyware vendors. Or that it is maybe considered too big and hot to handle. I'm talking about Facebook.

You think I'm exagerating? Have a look:

"The Facebook CIA Connection Scandal":

I feel that Anti-Spyware makers should treat Facebook as spyware. Simply because it is. In a big obvious way. At least a warning that Facebook is spyware should be given. Never mind that it is 'SS' or 'State Spyware'. Spyware is spyware, and we customers are paying to be free of it. Or at least be warned of it. So we can then choose to join or not join Facebook with the awareness that all our personal data will be monitored by the Central Intelligence Agency if we do.

It can be argued that the innocent have nothing to hide -which is true- but still customers should at least be informed by their respective Anti-Spyware vendors of the above.

It is also obvious that criminal and terrorist organizations are already aware of this, so they will certainly not divulge their activities on Facebook. I mean, if I as a regular Internet user am already aware of it because I saw the info on YouTube after it was broadcast on TV, with deputy CIA Director Christopher Sartinsky openly saying that the agency was "astounded" that so many people would "willingly" publicize all their personal data on Facebook... That "willingly" is mostly likely due to the public ignorance that Facebook is now in fact the main CIA intelligence gathering instrument. In other words: Spyware.

So here is a job for the Anti Spyware vendors; make us customers aware of the above. Every time someone joins Facebook a warning should be given by the Anti-Spyware with a short explanation. Even if just out of principle.

Sorry for the critical tone of the above... but am I wrong?

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I'd say it's not as bad as presented in the video.

This video was made by the onion news network, they make great satirical video's and artikels about the news. (The onn logo is visible several times, for example at 0:08) I suggest you look them up at wikipedia.

Though the point made in the video, that facebook can be very bad for your privacy, is valid. (Perhaps if facebook gets convicted, it could qualify as a malicious site and the staff could have MBAM block the ip-adress. But since facebook is too popular that is probably not going to happen.) As is the point that a lot of people share too much private information with the world via this medium.

I'd say: Don't make a facebook account.

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