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Purchase PRO require download even if have TRIAL?

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I just purchased Malwarebytes anti malware PRO. Since I had the TRIAL version for about a week, I thought that just using the ID and KEY sent to me and then activating the TRIAL version was all I needed to do, so I did not download the PRO version. Apparently that was incorrect. I still see the TRIAL splash screen and the days remaining are counting down.(though the scan only available to licensed users worked) So -- now how do I go back and download the PRO version (without repurchasing)?.

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Hello and welcome: :)

No, it ought not to be necessary to reinstall: Do I need to reinstall Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in order to activate the product with a genuine license key?

And, no, as long as you have purchased a license (which is valid for "lifetime"), you don't have to purchase again. :)

If the above referenced procedure doesn't work, please post back and let us know - there's an easy fix.



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Turns out that my problem was that when I entered the ID and the KEY, I did so signed on under my usual id. After reading your response, and knowing Ihat I had done that, I figured I had missed something. I logged off and re-logged on as Administrator and brought up malwarebytes anti malware and again put in the ID and the KEY. Zingo! The "trial" etc indications went away. (I logged off and wenty back to the "user" signon to doublecheck and all is cool. Thanks. I shall remember that I need to be admin for certain malwarebytes operations.

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