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registry defragmentaters.


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A few recommended articles to read on registry cleaners and I'm sure there is discussion probably in one of the postings.

  1. An often posted and quoted article, Ed Bott's Why I don't use registry cleaners
  2. Older article quoting two MVPS's, but relevant still is Do I need a Registry Cleaner?
  3. AUMHA Discussion: Should I Use a Registry Cleaner?
  4. miekiemoes' Blog Registry Cleaners and System Tweaking Tools

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Window 7 is easy to re-install and fast. If you want a good registry, re-install it. I use to rely on JV16 Powertools to maintain my registry until one day, someone in the company decided to flag all Text Files at Temporary. Needless to say. I don't use it anymore, I just start over again and since I use image Backups, I never have to start that far back.

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Hi, Arnold72:

EDIT: Never mind! It appears that AdvancedSetup has posted the "definitive" resources, even as I was typing. :)

Also, in addition to DHL's advice, please see here:

http://forums.malwar...showtopic=92528 -- lots of helpful advice and links to warnings about such programs.

(Unfortunately, only members with at least 50 posts will be able to view this particular topic,)

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My personal opinion is to avoid anything that supposedly boosts registry performance. Whether it be a cleaner or defragmenter messing with the registry can cause damage to your computer. The Windows Defragmenter does everything you need so you really shouldn't need a third party solution.

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i agree with some of the others here ...

the registry is about the last place you want to be in or mess around with if you are a typical "end user" ; it is not for the faint of heart .

i liken it to the main and rod bearings/journals in a 429 cobra jet engine ;

a typical "end user" (driver) would do more harm than good ... and that is in just tearing it down to that level .

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