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hello, new to forum, think I have an infected PC


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My computer seems to be running a little slower than usual lately (it's an old PC, it was never really "fast"). I have noticed occasionally hearing ads in the background. I can't figure out where they're coming from though. They're also kinda quiet and so I'm not sure what the ads are for. I think it's connected to facebook (yes, I've gone into fb settings and disallowed ad access as much as I can). I also noticed once on facebook that there appeared to be some kind of frame in the top left corner that I could only reveal a few parts of at a time when I hovered my mouse over that area of the page.

Also, usually when I am hearing these ads, if I have another page loading, I've noticed that I get a warning that Shockwave is having troubles and then finally a notice that Shockwave has crashed. I generally use Chrome as a browser.

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Hello and welcome to MalwareBytes forums.

Let me suggest, if you're an MBAM customer, you contact the consumer help desk here

Otherwise, Please print out, read and follow the directions here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a NEW topic here.

One of the expert helpers there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.

After posting your new post make sure under options that you select Follow this topic and choose one of the Email options so that you're alerted when someone has replied to your post.

Please post there the contents of MBAM scan log & the DDS logs.

It is quite likely your Shoackwave player is being exploited to push those ads and maybe worse.

Do NOT do any websurfing of any kind. Follow instructions above and create a malware-help topic (as noted).

Good luck.

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oops, I hit ENTER early and meant to post a little more info.

I also notice that sometimes, when browsing forums I see certain keywords appearing in blue type like a link. Of course, clicking these words links you to a site that is usually some sort of annoying shopping site. I am quite sure that these words are not actually on the web page as links. Luckily, my browser does not appear to be affected by redirects (like the last time I was infected by something).

I'm running Windows XP Professional, version 5.1 on a Dell D620 laptop. I run Microsoft Security Essentials with occasion MalwareBytes scans. I should still have a few programs from the last time I did a clean. I'd love to have some help figuring out if this is some sort of virus and what I can do about it.

My computer's old and tired, and probably should be replaced soon, but hey... Let's see what life I can squeeze out of this thing.

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