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Greetings and my thoughts on Windows 8


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This is my first post and I'll keep this introduction brief. I live in NSW, Australia and I enjoy gaming and I have an interest in programming and other computer related topics. I also have an interest in malware and hacking (mostly white hat hacking, nothing malicious).

So I ended up installing the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 not long after it was released for a few months. A couple of issues that annoyed me were:

  • My graphics card had major issues such as failing to work, not turning back on when waking the computer, random and constant driver crashes with Windows 8 even when using official Windows 8 drivers from NVIDIA (My card is a Geforce GTS 450, if you want to know). I thought this was a hardware issue given that the card sometimes failed to work before the operating system was loaded however the problems stopped when I went back to Windows 7.
  • This is old news but I found it difficult to enter the Windows 8 boot options (apparently it boots too fast). It took me about 15 minutes of frustration and Google searching before I found a solution. I can't really blame Microsoft for this though and it is just a minor annoyance.
  • The fact that the Metro UI can't be disabled without 3rd party software annoys me quite a bit. I don't have a tablet computer nor do I have a touchscreen of any kind plugged into my computer so it just seems a bit pointless to me.

I did however like the native ISO mounting feature and ribbon bar in Explorer as well as a few other features that I've forgotten about. I think that Microsoft has done well with Windows 8 however I plan to stay with Windows 7 for the moment and keep an eye on the improvements that are made to the new OS.

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Guest Seagull


Hello. :) You will like it here on the forums, all the members and staff are nice and helpful. :)

As for Windows 8, I haven't even attempted to try it out yet, I have seen some videos and screenshots but haven't personally tried it. I also plan on staying with Windows 7 as I do

not see a good enough reason to upgrade, all the computers in my household are running Windows 7 flawlessly so as they say "If it isn't broken don't fix it".

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